New 2013 Ford Fiesta 5 Star Rating

Published Date: 18th Dec 2012

Ford has received maximum five-star safety ratings for the new Ford Fiesta from the independent vehicle safety organisation following its recent crash tests.

Ford’s new Fiesta’s showcases the new MyKey technology, a safety feature that may not be as popular with young drivers as it will with their parents!  The MyKey systems allows parents to control settings for the vehicle for example limit top speed of the vehicle, set a maximum volume for the audio system and prevent deactivation of safety features such as the Electronic Stability Control and Active City Stop, it can also be set to mute the audio system if front passenger seat belts are not worn!

The Fiesta sports safety features such as SYNC with Emergency Assistance which helps occupants to call local emergency services in the unfortunate event of an accident. It uses on-board GPS and a mobile network to pinpoint the accident location and calls local emergency services via a Bluetooth connected mobile phone.

The Fiesta also takes advantage of the Active City Stop an advanced safety system designed to help drivers avoid low speed collisions. If the system detects the car in front has unexpectedly stopped, it automatically applies the brakes for you. Ford’s Active City Stop was recently granted a Euro NCAP Advanced Reward for safety.

The new Ford Fiesta scored 83 per cent in the NCAP tests, 91 per cent for adult and 86 per cent for child protection. As well as using the MyKey system for the first time and Active City Stop, the Fiesta’s body materials are more than 50 per cent high strength and ultra-high strength steels for added protection.