Motorists Could Face a £100 Fine & Three Points For Driving In Red X Lanes

Published Date: 20th Oct 2021

Busy smart motorway

Drivers are being warned that new automated fines could be dished out for those caught driving in a closed motorway lane marked with a red X, the fines could also be accompanied by a three points endorsement on the driver’s license.

Red X lanes on motorway are used to notify drivers that the lane is closed, this can be for several reasons, including a breakdown or remaining debris from an accident, drivers who flout these rules could be putting themselves and others in danger.

The new rules are part of new highway code guidelines on smart motorways , leading UK motoring organisation have expressed concerns about the safety of smart motorways and the confusion they can sometimes cause.

ALR (all lanes running) smart motorways were brought in to ensure better flow of traffic on stretches of motorway where heavy traffic was an issue by utilising the hard shoulder as an extra lane. ALR systems can be operation permanently or at specific times, for example in rush hour.

Smart motorways are equipped with the latest cameras that can monitor lanes and are equipped with latest number plate recognition, meaning driver could be automatically caught for any lane infringement. New, stricter regulation on number plates

The biggest concern people have about smart motorways is breakdowns, if the hard shoulder is being used for moving traffic. Automatic cameras on smart motorways can detect stationary vehicles and inform the control centre, which in turn will activate the ‘Red X’ but there could be a time lapse before all of this happens.