What New Car Dealers tell our customers

Published Date: 31st Oct 2011

At uk car discount we take calls every day from customers who have been to their local New Car Dealer and have been told a variety of things to try to get them to not buy a new car on-line

It is a continuous process to deal with the mischief making and answer customer questions raised from a visit to a Main Dealer, so in order to help our customers we thought it was worth posting a few examples of the kind of things New Car Main Dealers tell our customers:


"If you buy a car on line it will not be a uk car it will be an import or a grey import". 

This is completely untrue; all our cars are uk main dealer supplied vehicles and are EXACTLY the same vehicle you can buy from the main dealer.


"If you order a new car on-line it will never arrive".

uk Car discount are in the business of supplying new cars, so if we don’t supply your car we don’t make any money. We have supplied Thousands of new cars to customers over the last ten years and only on a very few occasions have we been unable to supply a car and it usually because the manufacturer have discontinued a particular model and decided not to build it. The Main dealer is affected exactly the same way as us when a situation like this occurs but fortunately this is extremely rare and 99% of cars ordered are supplied and delivered exactly as ordered.


"If you buy a new car on-line it will not have the Full Manufacturer uk warranty".

All our cars have the European standard three year, 60,000 mile warranty required of uk vehicles (Some Manufacturers have 5 or 7 year warranties) and this does not change just because you buy the car at a discount on the Internet.


If you don’t buy your car from a uk Main dealer we will not service it.

When customers have identified the car they want to buy and say to a dealer "I’m thinking of buying my new Car on-Line as i can save £,000" A regular statement made by Main dealer sales staff is to say "If you don’t buy the car from us we will not service or maintain it"

This is nonsense and all Franchise Main Dealers are duty bound by the terms of their franchise agreement with the manufacturers to service and maintain ANY vehicle that is brought to them.


At uk car discount we try and make sure you are armed with all the information you need in order to make and informed decision and with this in mind we would ask any prospective buyer to look at our website and in particular the Buying a New Car on line page at: https://www.uk-car-discount.co.uk/how-it-works