Volvo Hope to End Year on a High

Published Date: 19th Nov 2009

Volvo UK is aiming to finish this year with increased new car sales it announced recently.

They are hoping to sell more new cars this year than last year which considering the current economic environment is a remarkable feat. At UK Car Discount, the country's leading online car dealer, they have noticed that demand for Volvos has increased over this last year.

"Volvo is a brand synonymous with safety and reliability first and foremost but also becoming more edgy as they bring out sportier, more contemporary-designed and powerful models. The other thing we notice that Volvo customers are very brand-loyal customers", said Gary Bennett, MD of UK Car Discount. "When they bring out a new model, customers are always very interested - so when a new model is sportier, sexier or feature-packed, they all want to find out about it."

It comes as no surpised to UK Car Discount staff that Volvo are performing well, having recently brought out their range of lower emission cars, the DRIVe cars with lower emissions. It has refreshed the C70 and C30 range and is launching the S60 in 2010.

You can find a selection of the new Volvo cars at great prices, with some fantastic savings of over £7000 on selected new Volvo V70 models.
"Volvo has released the first pictures of the Volvo S60 and at UK Car Discount we think it's going to be a roaring success among those customers who are loyal to Volvo", said Alan Green, Sales Manager at UK Car Discount.

The car is said to be sportier than any previous Volvo and can be equipped with ‘pedestrian detection' - a safety feature that can detect pedestrians in front of the car and brake automatically if the driver does not react in time.

The S60 will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Production is said to start in summer in Belgium.

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