Volkswagen T-Roc Trim Levels Explained

Published Date: 23rd Nov 2023

Image of a Volkswagen T-Roc 2024 ModelThe Volkswagen T-Roc, a dynamic force in the UK's new car market, emerges as a versatile and sophisticated choice for drivers seeking a blend of style, performance, and cutting-edge technology. Positioned as a standout contender, the T-Roc offers a compelling driving experience tailored to diverse preferences. From the efficient 'Life' trim to the refined 'Style' and the sporty 'R-Line' to the brilliantly insane 'R' trim, the T-Roc line-up caters to a range of distinctive tastes and needs.

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Image of a New Volkswagen T-Roc 2024 ModelMuch like its Golf counterpart, the T-Roc introduces a variety of trims, each with unique features and characteristics. From the functional and stylish 'Life' to the premium and technology-packed 'Style' and the sporty and dynamic 'R-Line', the T-Roc showcases Volkswagen's commitment to providing options that resonate with individual drivers.

In this article, we delve into the heart of the T-Roc experience, meticulously examining the key features of the 'Life', 'Style', 'R-Line' and 'R' trims. Whether you're drawn to the efficiency of the 'Life', the elevated elegance of 'Style', or the sporty allure of 'R-Line', we aim to guide you through the distinct offerings of each trim, helping you make the informed decision that suits your driving preferences and lifestyle. Join us as we explore the T-Roc's journey through the UK's new car market, dissecting the nuances that make each trim a compelling choice in its own right.

We almost forgot, there is a wildcard Volkswagen T-Roc R Model for those petrol heads that need a race car version of the T-Roc with the everyday practicality of a small family SUV.


Volkswagen T-Roc Savings across the Range

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Volkswagen T-Roc Life - Available Saving up to £2,153

Volkswagen T-Roc Style - Available Saving up to £2,981

Volkswagen T-Roc R-Line - Available Saving up to £3,175

Volkswagen T-Roc R - Available Saving up to £3,656



Let's compare Volkswagen  T-Roc Trim Levels to see what sets them apart.


1 - Volkswagen T-Roc Life Model: Key Features - Air Care Climatronic conditioning system with active combination air filter and 2-zone temperature control, Alloy wheels 16" `Chester', Ambient lighting with logo projection, Black roof rails, Digital cockpit-basic, 8" display, Front Assist - Autonomous Emergency Braking system (for Adaptive Cruise Control ACC up to 130 mph), High Beam Assistance, automatic sensing for switching between normal and main beam, Lane-keeping system Lane Assist, LED headlights, Park assistance including parking sensors (front & rear), preparation for navigation system with media and internet package, Wireless App-Connect.

Image of a Silver Volkswagen T-RocSummary: The Volkswagen T-Roc Life model is meticulously crafted to prioritise comfort, cutting-edge technology, and paramount safety. This model boasts a distinctive set of features that enrich the driving experience and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. Standout elements include the sleek and modern 16" Chester alloy wheels, providing a stylish touch to the exterior. The Ambient lighting, featuring logo projection, creates an atmosphere of sophistication, especially with illuminated styling elements in the door handle recesses. LED headlights ensure optimal visibility, contributing to a safer driving experience. The preparation for the navigation system and the media and internet package cater to your connectivity needs, offering seamless navigation and entertainment options. Wireless App-Connect provides convenience for integrating your smartphone with the car's infotainment system. The Front Assist with Autonomous Emergency Braking enhances safety, particularly during adaptive cruise control at speeds up to 130 mph. High Beam Assist, an automatic sensor for switching between dipped and main beams, ensures optimal illumination on the road. The Lane-keeping system Lane Assist provides additional support for a secure driving experience. Park assistance, including front and rear parking sensors, facilitates confident manoeuvring in various situations. The Air Care Climatronic air conditioning system with an active combination filter and 2-zone temperature control ensures a comfortable, climate-controlled interior. The black roof rails add a sporty and versatile touch to the overall design. The Volkswagen T-Roc Life model seamlessly blends practicality, style, and advanced technology to elevate your driving experience.

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2 - Volkswagen T-Roc Style Model: Key Features (Over the Life Model) - Alloy wheels 17" Johannesburg, Carpet mats, front and rear, Digital Cockpit Pro - 10.25" high-resolution dash display screen with customisable menus and information, LED Plus headlamps with LED separate daytime running light

Rear-tinted glass from B-pillar backwards, approx. 65% tinted, Roof in body colour or optional contrasting colour, Silver roof rails, Standard navigation system with media and internet package.

Image of a VW T-Roc in Grey Front QuarterSummary: The Volkswagen T-Roc Style model builds upon the impressive features of the Life trim, introducing additional elements that elevate both comfort and sophistication. Standout enhancements include the advanced Alloy wheels 17" 'Johannesburg' and the cutting-edge LED Plus headlamps with a separate daytime running light, providing superior visibility and a modern and stylish aesthetic.

Stepping inside, the 'Art Velours' seat centres bring a touch of luxury, while the decorative inserts in 'Brushed dark metal' on the dash and front door panels contribute to the interior's overall elegance. The expanded Digital Cockpit Pro, featuring a 10.25" high-resolution dash display screen with customisable menus and information, adds a technological edge to the driving experience.

The Style model boasts a standard navigation system with a media and internet package, ensuring you stay connected and informed while on the road. The Silver roof rails add a practical and stylish touch, enhancing the overall exterior appeal.

Inside the cabin, the Carpet mats, front and rear, provide a sense of luxury and cleanliness. The rear tinted glass from B-pillar backwards, approx. 65% tinted adds to the vehicle's aesthetic and contributes to interior comfort by reducing glare and heat.

In addition to these features, the Style model introduces an array of options, including a roof in body colour or optional contrasting colour, allowing you to personalise your T-Roc to suit your style. This model also offers a comprehensive 3-zone 'Air Care Climatronic' air conditioning system, including a rear air conditioning control panel, ensuring optimal climate comfort for all passengers.

Safety and visibility are further enhanced with the High Beam Assist feature, which automatically adjusts the headlamp's intensity based on oncoming traffic, providing added safety and convenience.

The Volkswagen T-Roc Style model goes beyond expectations, combining advanced features and thoughtful design elements to deliver a premium driving experience that caters to both comfort and style.

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3 - Volkswagen T-Roc R-Line Model: Key Features (Over the Style Model) -  Alloy wheels 17" Valencia Grey metallic, 'R-Line' body-coloured bumpers, Rear-tinted glass from B-pillar backwards, approx. 65% tinted, Sports seats in front, Driving profile selection.

Image of a Silver Volkswagen T-RocSummary: The Volkswagen T-Roc R-Line model embodies a sporty and dynamic essence, building upon the Style trim's features with various enhancements. The striking 17" Valencia Galvano Grey alloy wheels elevate the visual allure and contribute to an enhanced driving experience. The 'R-Line' design of body-coloured bumpers enhances the model's athletic appearance and improves aerodynamics, optimising overall performance.

The rear tinted glass, with approximately 65% tinting from the B-pillar backwards, not only adds a touch of privacy but also shields against excess sunlight, enhancing interior comfort. Inside, the heated front seats provide a perfect balance of comfort and support, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable driving experience in various conditions.

The inclusion of Driving Profile Selection empowers you to tailor the vehicle's driving characteristics to match your mood and adapt to diverse driving conditions, further amplifying the dynamic nature of the T-Roc R-Line. With these enhancements, the Volkswagen T-Roc R-Line model offers an elevated performance, style, and customisation level, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a sportier and more personalised driving experience.

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4 - Volkswagen T-Roc R Model: Key Features (Over the R-Line Model) -  18" Alloy wheels 'Jerez', All-wheel drive - 4Motion, Chrome twin exhaust tailpipes, left and right, Digital Cockpit Pro - 10.25" high-resolution dash display screen with customisable menus and information, Inserts of front and outer rear seat fabric "Karoso" R, inner sides of bolsters in ArtVelours microfleece, LED Plus headlamps with LED daytime running lights, Leather-wrapped multifunction sports steering wheel with controls and shifting paddles, 'R' styling pack - uniquely shaped front and rear bumpers and side sills, Painted exterior mirror housings, Silver roof rails.

Image of a Volkswagen T-Roc in Ravenna BlueSummary: The Volkswagen T-Roc R model stands as a pinnacle of performance and style, offering an exhilarating driving experience that redefines expectations. Its potent 300 bhp engine propels the T-Roc R from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 4.9 seconds, showcasing its extraordinary acceleration capabilities. With a top speed of 155 mph (restricted), this version of the T-Roc is not only fast but delivers an adrenaline-inducing performance that pushes the boundaries of what a compact SUV can achieve.

Complementing its impressive speed, the T-Roc R features exclusive 18" alloy wheels in the 'Jerez' design, providing a dynamic and responsive ride. The 'R' styling pack, with uniquely shaped front and rear bumpers and side sills, enhances aerodynamics and accentuates the model's sporty character.

Illuminate the road with confidence using the advanced LED Plus headlamps with a separate daytime running light, ensuring optimal visibility and adding a modern touch to the exterior. The interior of the T-Roc R reflects a perfect blend of functionality and luxury, with a leather-wrapped multifunction sports steering wheel, touch control, and shifting paddles.

The all-wheel-drive system (4Motion) ensures optimal traction and control in various driving conditions, while the chrome twin exhaust tailpipes and silver roof rails contribute to the model's overall sophistication.

The T-Roc R's interior offers both comfort and style, featuring inserts of front and outer rear seats in fabric "Karoso" R and inner sides of bolsters in ArtVelours microfleece. The painted exterior mirror housings add an extra touch of visual appeal.

With its high-tech features, including the Digital Cockpit Pro's 10.25" high-resolution dash display screen and the 'R' styling pack, the Volkswagen T-Roc R model not only delivers unparalleled performance but does so with an unmistakable sense of style and flair, making it an exceptional and thrilling addition to the T-Roc line-up.

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Embark on a journey through the Volkswagen T-Roc line-up, where each trim level represents an additional touch of excellence, seamlessly blending innovation, comfort, and performance. From the dynamic Life model to the sophisticated style, the sporty R-Line, and the pinnacle of performance, the R model, the T-Roc SUV series caters to a spectrum of preferences and requirements. Elevate your driving experience with a carefully curated selection of features, cutting-edge technology, and premium materials, ensuring that each T-Roc trim delivers a unique and improved driving experience to suit discerning drivers' varied tastes and styles.

If you need further guidance, our dedicated team at UK Car Discount is poised to lend their expertise. We're here to assist you in navigating the options and finding the ideal T-Roc for your driving journey. Additionally, consider the range of available packs to tailor your T-Roc to your specifications.

Ultimately, the Volkswagen T-Roc is a vehicle and a statement of style—an embodiment of your personality and way of Life.

Choose wisely, and let the T-Roc redefine your everyday driving experience.


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