Volkswagen plan to bounce back with new hybrid and electric cars

Published Date: 21st Jun 2016

  • Volkswagen plans for ultra low emissions from new hybrid cars and zero emissions from electric cars by 2025.
  • Major electrification initiative planned: more than 30 new e-vehicles by 2025, annual unit sales target of two to three million
  • "TOGETHER – Strategy 2025" ushers in the biggest change process in the Company's history, with the focus on transforming the core business and tapping potential new revenue streams

In a bid to overcome the recent emission scandal that had its fair share of bad press and market value drop, they plan a “Together 2025 Strategy”.

With the ever growing cost of the emissions scandal that includes recalls, repairs and fines around the world. Volkswagen plans a shake up and an image makeover for the future to repair its name.

VW are looking to get stuck into the hybrid and electric vehicle craze that is currently gaining momentum around the world. At a press conference CEO Matthias Mueller said Volkswagen will introduce 30 plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles by 2025.

By Norbert Aepli, Switzerland, CC BY 3.0,

They’re aiming for around 2-3 million electric cars per year. This is a huge step as the current market is only just beginning to open up for electric and hybrid cars, with only 1.3 million electric cars across the globe in 2015. But VW is hoping to capitalize on the growing demand and the fact that Governments across the world have grant schemes pending or in place, to tempt the new car buyer into going green with low emission electric vehicles.

VW also plan to create their own competitive self driving system and offer it out to other companies, in a bid to create extra revenue streams as part of the “Together 2025 Strategy”. This will also include a reduction in expenditure for many departments including Research and Development alongside sales and general administrative costs.

Mueller is also looking to consolidate all the different variants of models they currently provide to further reduce operating costs. They will have a platform cull and look to only build new cars on four different platforms small, medium, premium and sports car.