New Cars Are More Environmentally Friendly

Published Date: 21st Oct 2009

A brand new car is better for the environment than running your old one, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 27.4% compared to older vehicles still on the road

A brand new (and ideally cheap) car is better for the environment than running your old one, claim UK Car Discount. They have reviewed recent data from The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and noted that cars registered through the scrappage incentive scheme (SIS) had an average CO2 value of 132.1g/km. This was 10.9% below the average of all new cars registered between May and September, 148.2g/km, and 27.4% below the average CO2 of the scrapped car, according to data according published by SMMT.

"Not only are new cars helping to reduce average CO2 emissions, but also putting safer vehicles on our roads," Matt Rahman, Marketing Director at UK Car Discount noted. "With more and more new cars focussed on reducing emissions, its good news for the environment and the customer. IT all goes to help reduce the amount motorists are having to pay for road tax."

Within the car manufacturing industry moves are afoot to tackle emissions. Japanese brand Mazdasays its future engines will bring cleaner and more fuel efficient motoring to a broader range of customers than hybrids or electric cars could. Mazda says it can cut its vehicle emissions by a third without having to develop hybrid or electric vehicles. With only 2% of the market being hybrid cars, if such fuel efficiencies are made for the remaining 98%, impact on fuel consumption and emissions could be extremely significant.

Emissions-Free Cars are the Future

Hybrid cars continue to be a popular trend, but the focus of new car manufacturing is turning to emissions-free electrical cars.

NissanMotor Co recently exhibited its fully electric Leaf family car at the Japanese Motor Show this week, which is to come out at the end of next year in Japan, the United States and Europe and is to be mass-produced around the world by 2012.

The Leaf, as the world's first affordable, emissions-free car, would cause a furore in the car industry, Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn predicted.


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