Top Five Nissan Qashqai Options

Published Date: 25th May 2023

Upgrade Your Qashqai with These Five Option Packs at UK Car Discount


Image of a New Nissan Qashqai in BurgundyWhen purchasing a Nissan Qashqai, navigating through the available option packs that offer a range of features and enhancements can be overwhelming. It's crucial to understand which pack suits best for your lifestyle and adds optimal value to your Qashqai. At UK Car Discount, we aim to make the selection process easier for our customers, assisting in selecting the perfect package for their vehicle.

Our sales team have listed the Top Five Nissan Option Packs that customers frequently inquire about. From comfortable interior upgrades like high-quality leather seats to advanced safety features like a 360-degree camera, these packages offer an opportunity to tailor your Qashqai to your specific needs and elevate your driving experience! 

At UK Car Discount, we provide accurate and comprehensive information about the varying option packs so that you make an informed choice. So what are you waiting for? Explore and decide which pack suits you best and enjoy your vehicle's benefits and comfort!


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  1. Glass Roof and Privacy Pack: The Glass Roof and Privacy Pack is a popular choice among Nissan Qashqai owners. This pack adds a touch of style and allows for an airy and spacious cabin feel. It includes a fixed glass roof with an electric sunshade, roof rails for added versatility, and rear privacy glass to enhance the vehicle's aesthetics and increase passenger privacy.
  2. Nissan Qashqai 2023Heat Pack: The Heat Pack is perfect for those chilly mornings or winter journeys. It includes the ThermaClear® heated windscreen, which helps to defrost quickly and clear ice or mist, ensuring excellent visibility. Additionally, the pack offers heated front seats and a heated steering wheel, providing comforting warmth to the driver and passengers, making every drive more enjoyable.
  3. Premium Bose® Sound System: The Premium Bose® Sound System option pack is a must-have for music enthusiasts. This pack features a high-quality Bose® sound system with ten speakers strategically placed throughout the cabin. With two tweeters, six high and medium frequency door speakers, two subwoofers, a premium Bose® Acoustimass™ Bass Box and a digital amplifier, this sound system delivers an immersive audio experience, elevating your driving pleasure.
  4. Tech Pack (Drive Assist + Head-Up Display): The Tech Pack with Drive Assist and Head-Up Display combines advanced technology and safety features. It includes LED headlights with Adaptive Driving Beam for optimal visibility, an auto-levelling system to adjust the headlights based on road conditions, and an advanced Windscreen Head-Up Display that projects key driving information onto the windshield, keeping your focus on the road. Additionally, Lane Keep Assist helps you stay within your lane, enhancing safety and reducing driver fatigue.
  5. Tech Pack (ProPilot Assist + Head-Up Display): For those seeking a more advanced driving experience, the Tech Pack with ProPilot Assist and Head-Up Display offers an array of cutting-edge features. Along with the Drive Assist pack features, this option includes the ProPilot Assist system, which enhances driving comfort by assisting with acceleration, braking, and steering. The Traffic Jam Pilot feature helps navigate congested traffic, while Corner & Junction Speed Assist ensures a smoother driving experience. The pack also offers Legal Speed Adjustment and Low-Speed Cruising capabilities, further enhancing convenience and safety.


Selecting the right option packs can significantly enhance your driving experience when ordering a Nissan Qashqai. The Glass Roof and Privacy Pack, Heat Pack, Premium Bose® Sound System, Tech Pack with Drive Assist and Head-Up Display, and Tech Pack with ProPilot Assist and Head-Up Display are the top five option packs that our customers frequently inquire about at UK Car Discount. Personalizing your Qashqai with these packs allows you to enjoy added convenience, safety, comfort, and entertainment features tailored to your preferences. Visit our website or contact our sales advisors to explore these option packs and take your Nissan Qashqai to the next level of excellence.


  • Glass Roof and Privacy Pack: Fixed glass roof with electric sunshade, roof rails, and rear privacy glass, adding style and privacy to your Nissan Qashqai.
  • Heat Pack: Enjoy a ThermaClear® heated windscreen, and heated front seats, with a heated steering wheel, providing comfort during chilly mornings and winter drives.
  • Premium Bose® Sound System: Immerse yourself in a premium audio experience with a 10-speaker Bose® sound system, delivering exceptional sound quality throughout the cabin.
  • Tech Pack (Drive Assist + Head-Up Display): Benefit from LED headlights with Adaptive Driving Beam, auto-levelling system, advanced Windscreen Head-Up Display, and Lane Keep Assist for enhanced safety and convenience.
  • Tech Pack (ProPilot Assist + Head-Up Display): Take your driving experience to the next level with LED headlights, ProPilot Assist system, Traffic Jam Pilot, Corner & Junction Speed Assist, Legal Speed Adjustment, Low-Speed Cruising, and advanced Windscreen Head-Up Display.


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