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Published Date: 30th May 2023

The Ford Puma has been a popular SUV for good reason. The puma is stylish and practical and provides a superior combination of performance, fuel economy, and comfort. Whether for a day out with your family or a long road trip, the Ford Puma offers versatility and reliability that you won't find in many other SUVs. Its customisable range of optional extras also sets the Puma apart from the competition. Personalise this vehicle to suit your needs and preferences, crafting it to your precise specifications and making it uniquely yours.




Here are the top five Ford Puma selectable options:


1. Driver Assistance Pack with Parking - Cost £950.


This package encompasses a multitude of sophisticated safety features, including:


  • New Ford Puma DashboardAutomatic emergency braking (AEB): This system, equipped with cutting-edge sensors, is specifically designed to identify obstructions in front of the car. If it detects an imminent collision, it automatically applies the brakes with lightning-fast reflexes. This innovative safety feature can be a lifesaver where even the most experienced driver would struggle to react quickly.
  • Blind-spot monitoring (BSM): Utilising sensors that detect vehicles in the driver's blind spots, this innovative system apprises them with a visual or audible warning, thereby helping to avert accidents that can occur from the driver changing lanes without physically checking their blind spots. By implementing this technology, drivers can increase their situational awareness on the road and reduce the risk of potential collisions.
  • Lane keeping assist (LKA): This advanced system utilises state-of-the-art sensors to detect deviations from the standard lane and automatically adjusts the steering wheel to maintain the car's position. This feature is particularly useful in preventing accidents caused by drivers who may be distracted or not paying full attention whilst driving. This cutting-edge technology makes drivers feel more secure and confident on the road.
  • Parking sensors: These sensors help the driver to park the car more easily by providing audible and visual feedback on the distance between the car and objects around it.
  • Rearview camera: The camera offers a crystal-clear view of the car's rear, making it easy to reverse or park confidently.


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2. Parking Pack - Cost £500.

Image of a Ford Puma 2023

This pack includes parking sensors and a rearview camera. The parking sensors help the driver to park the car more efficiently by providing audible and visual feedback on the distance between the vehicle and the objects around it. The rearview camera offers a crystal-clear view of the car's rear, making it easy to reverse or park confidently.


3. Winter Pack - Cost £350.


Stay warm and comfy during cold weather with this pack that includes the ultimate winter champions- heated front seats and steering wheel. Stay snugly wrapped up inside while the winter winds rage on the outside. Experience pure luxury as you settle into the comfort of your warm, heated seat while the cold outside fades away. No more shivering or discomfort, just a warm and cosy ride. And, as if that wasn't enough, get your hands on the heated steering wheel that helps you steer easily and warm up your fingers.


4. Dashboard Camera - Cost £314.39


This high-tech security camera records your driving experience, capturing every moment of your memorable road trips. It's not just an added expense for security purposes but an intelligent investment for when you want evidence for handling insurance claims in unfortunate events.


5. Hands-Free Power Tailgate - Cost 650


Image of a Ford Puma 2023 Model in BlueThe Ford Puma offers a host of optional extras, each designed to make your driving experience more convenient and enjoyable. One of these is the hands-free tailgate, which lets you open and close the boot with a simple wave of your foot. 

This feature is perfect for when your hands are full, whether you're loading up your weekly shopping or packing for a weekend away. And it's just one of the many innovative extras available with the Ford Puma.

Discover a host of optional extras available for the Ford Puma, ranging from tech to safety add-ons. Learn more on our extensive website or contact our sales team for professional guidance on selecting the options that best meet your requirements. We're always happy to be of assistance!

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**Please note vehicle specifications, trim levels, options, and engines are subject to change anytime. Therefore, confirming the vehicle specifications you are interested in when you purchase is essential. Vehicle manufacturers also reserve the right to change specifications without notice.