Top 5 best selling new cars for July 2017

Published Date: 11th Aug 2017

5. The Volkswagen Polo

Top 5 VW Polo

With a new 6th generation VW Polo arriving shortly, the outgoing fifth generation Polo has been performing very well with a total of 3,227 total new car sales throughout July.

The Polo range starts from a retail price of £11,970 and has long been a family supermini favourite that first came over to the UK in 1975.

So far this year VW has managed to shift 30,432 units. Keep your eyes out for the all new 6th generation Polo at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in the second half of September.4.

4. The Ford Fiesta 

    Top 5 Ford Fiesta                              

Currently the Ford Fiesta is the best selling new UK car in 2017, miles ahead of any rival the Fiesta has 62,752 units sold across the nation it was the top seller every month up until June.

The new generation Ford fiesta has just been released and the top UK model has been a victim of its own success with buyers waiting until the new model coming out before committing.

So the Fiesta has dropped down the charts a little due to the model changeover but is now just keeping up with demand for the new model.

3. Nissan Qashqai

Top 5 Nissan Qashqai

Built in the UK and also the UK’s best selling crossover has been in production for ten years and has recently received a makeover in the form of a new look with new features and a new interior design.

The month of July brought a total of 4,640 registered new cars in July bearing the Qashqai badge, catapulting the ever popular SUV up to third in the charts with 38,214 sold year to date.

The Qashqai remains the most popular crossover in the UK market despite other manufacturers building and updating their own models like the Renault Kadjar and the Peugeot 3008.

2. Volkswagen Golf

Top 5 VW Golf

The new Volkswagen Golf topped the charts for new registrations throughout June but is now returning to second place with 5,236 total cars in July 2017.

Volkswagens well known family hatchback has enjoyed continued success throughout 2017, another new model refresh has created the increased sales and has now amassed 41,939 units delivered for third overall in 2017

New exterior styling tweaks were implemented to both the front and rear bumpers, new upgraded infotainment system featuring a 6.5 inch screen and a new 1.5 TSi engine we’re among the upgrades for 2017

1. Ford Focus

Top 5 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus reached number 1 by only selling 15 more units over the VW golf, 5,251 in total for July.  The Focus has just nicked pole position right under its rival’s nose, leaving this top family hatch 2nd overall for the year with 45,296 new focus owners.

The Ford focus is also due for an update but not until next year, we’re expecting subtle design changes to go alongside a host of new technologies and standard equipment.

Ford will be very happy with their two best sellers right at the top of the table, representing excellent value and technology for the money.

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