Thumbs Up From Cameron

Published Date: 18th Feb 2014

David Cameron’s Surprise visit to Jaguar Land Rover

David Cameron has praised Jaguar Land Rover as he made a surprise visit to the Company’s new £500 million engine production facility near to Wolverhampton.

The Prime minister flew in to join a special team of MPs, local government officials and the media on an early taster tour of the new facility; just six weeks after the JLR employees themselves moved in.

Apparently he wasn’t formally invited, but had personally requested to visit the plant himself. During the unscripted speech to the media, Cameron congratulated Jaguar Land Rover for its staggering investment in the new facility. “We all back and support what you are doing,” he explained.

Cameron had showed some very impressive knowledge of the details: the factory will produce an engine every 36 seconds, he explained, and is the size of around 14 football pitches.

“But actually, the figures only tell part of the story,” he went on to say. “I think what you’re doing here epitomises what we need to happen to the British economy.

“In the past, too much growth has been focused on the south, too much growth focused on services, not enough made of exports. Everything you are doing here is what we want to see. Here we are in the Midlands, what was once the workshop of the world, and you’re putting people back into manufacturing jobs.”

Jaguar Land Rover deserves congratulations, he continued, “for the confidence shown in local people by putting this massive investment into the heart of the country”.