The World Premiere of the Long Awaited New Car from Bugatti

Published Date: 1st Mar 2016

The new Chiron has set a new benchmark for the hyper car category. The new car from Bugatti is the world’s most powerful and fastest production car yet

Taking over from what the Veyron started and released onto the public today at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the Chiron costs an eye watering 2.4 million Euros (before options) and a total power output of 1480 BHP.


The production will be set for 500 units and Bugatti claim to have a third of this through advance orders already in the bag, there is no doubt in my mind that today’s show will bring more signatures to the pre order book. We will also no doubt see the limit increased slightly with special editions and Super Sport versions inevitable for the future.


Many other features include a Le Mans safety rated carbon fibre monocoque, beneath the paintwork the outer body panels are completely carbon fibre, adaptive chassis suspension to raise the car over those not so super car loving speed bumps, specially developed tyres from Michelin to throw the power down and cope with the extreme speeds and a grand total of ten radiators integrated in to what Bugatti describes as the most sophisticated and highest performing cooling system ever installed on a sports car.



  • Engine: 7993cc W16 quad-turbo, 1500PS @ 6700rpm, 1180lb ft @ 2000-6000rpm
  • Driveline: Seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, permanent four-wheel drive with Haldex coupling at front differential, electronically controlled locking rear differential
  • Suspension: Double-wishbone front and rear, electronically controlled adaptive dampers
  • Brakes: 420mm discs, eight-titanium piston calipers (front), 400mm discs, six-piston titanium calipers (rear)
  • Performance: Top speed 261mph (limited for road use)
  • Weight: 1995kg