The New Mitsubishi PHEV Hybrid is still number 1

So far the new Mitsubishi plug in hybrid makes up 33% of the total 66,374 zero or ultra low emission grant vehicles on the road with 21,708 Outlanders registered up to the end of June.

In second place with just over half of the sales the PHEV achieved is the most popular all electric car the Nissan Leaf with 12,837 units sold so far.

The BMW i3 is aptly named for third place with 4,457 vehicles on the road. The i3 is available in both pure electric and hybrid where a petrol combustion engine is used as a generator for the motors on long journeys like the Outlander.

Fourth place is the Renault Zoe (4,339) with its all electric drive and a range of 149 miles per charge, followed up by the Mercedes Benz C350e (3,337) that just beat the Tesla Model S (3,312) and the Golf GTE (2,657)

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Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said: “Getting more clean vehicles on the road is crucial to help tackle both climate change and poor air quality yet while there are a record 31.6 million cars on the UK’s roads, just 0.2% are ultra-green.

“At the start of the month MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee said they had no confidence in the UK achieving its long-term goals for greening the car fleet.

“Car companies selling ultra-green vehicles will be looking at these figures closely. On March 1 the maximum grant dropped from £5,000 per car to £4,500 and because of a new tiered system, some grants – including those for the Outlander – are now no more than £2,500.

“In a rapidly evolving, but still fledgling market it is hard to discern trends but with the plug-in car grant scheme due for another revision within six months the concern must be that the market will remain fragile, and so we are quite some way from being able to drop the grants completely.

“One hopeful sign is that there is an ever increasing number of green vehicles in the showroom and some manufacturers like VW have publicly pinned their hopes on alternatively-fuelled cars.”