New Mazda RX-8 Wins Multiple Records

The new Mazda RX-8 has set 40 international speed and endurance records.

During a 24-hour period last year two RX-8s took to Papenburg's 12.3km oval track and set 20 records in FIA Category A (Special Vehicles) and 20 records in FIA Category B (Mass Production Vehicles).

Over the 24 hours 15 motoring journalists from 11 different countries took the two Mazdas over more than 5,000 km, over three times the distance from Calais to Madrid.

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The endurance tests were closely scrutinised by the German Motor Sports Organisation who selected the vehicles for the Category B attempt at random before sealing their engines so that no modifications or running repairs could be made.

For 24 hours the unmolested Mazdas averaged 212.835 kmh in Category B and 215.934 kmh in Category A.

Since the record attempt last year the Mazda RX-8 has continued to prove its bombproof ability recording a 100 per cent finish record in the first eight races of the S1 Production Series Britcar season.