10 Years Of New Car Deals

Published Date: 31st May 2013

UK Car Discount is celebrating 10 years in the Internet new car sales business. "The company have sold over 8000 brand new cars to date approaching a value of £96 million pounds. "Our aim has always been to deliver the cheapest new car deals in the marketplace complimented with a first class and friendly service" -  said Managing Director Brian Bennett. "We have been able to save our customers an average of 32% discount on their brand new vehicles and we continue to deliver some of the best new car deals around and an excellent service."ten years Of New Car Sales

Buying habits and trends have changed since 2003 when UK Car Discount sold it's first car, the average price of a new vehicle sold back then was around £15,000. The trend now is for a lower new car price of £12,000-£13,000 with strong demand for smaller more efficient and economical vehicles. The small car and super-mini sectors in particular have thrived in the last year. There has also been a shift towards new diesel cars over the last few years, however petrol models seem to be making something of a comeback as car manufacturers are rolling out significantly more fuel efficient and eco-friendlier petrol engines.

"Buyers have kept purchasing brand new cars despite a difficult UK economy as they can make significant savings on running costs. The latest brand new cars and technology deliver lower emissions, lower insurance bands and superb fuel economy. Buyers are looking at the bigger picture and making intelligent decisions, looking at new vehicles that are for example road tax and London congestion charge exempt " said Director, Gary Bennett.

Hybrids have become a real factor in the market now with the Toyota Pruis leading sales in the UK and a further increase in the number of Hybrids on UK roads in the next few years is expected. As technology improves, expect a significant increase in demand for electric models like the Prius Plug-in, the Nissan Leaf and Vauxhall Ampera. The London congestion charge rules are changing in the near future and it's widely tipped that the government will look at lowering the barrier for road tax exempt vehicles to CO2 emissions of less than 85 g/km by 2016.