New Mini Models Coming

Published Date: 26th Jun 2005

At least six cheap New Mini models will on our roads in 2007 according to Auto Express.

Most interesting though are the new longer wheel base options. While the likes of the new Toyota Aygo, cheap new Citroen C2 and cheap new Peugeot 107 are all getting smaller, Mini have decided to introduce a more spacious five-door option.

Innovative pick-up and five-seater Clubman options will help to add some extra practicality to the range.

Suggestions are that the New Mini Clubman will also have removable rear seats allowing for increased load lugging, while the pickup is expected to boast a raised ride height and removable roof.

Top of the cheap New Mini range will be the new mini roadster, and AutoExpress expect it to do battle against premium drop tops like the Audi TT, new Mazda MX-5 and even the new Saab 9-3 convertible.

Auto Express expects the car to feature a ?radical, curved hard-top roof? and Audi TT-esque roll hoops.