Sat Nav Car Insurance Leads The Way

Published Date: 18th May 2006

A new car insurance policy has been launched to cover satellite navigation units for modern vehicles.

This marks a 510 per cent increase in the amount spent on such units in 2003, with no signs of the popularity abating.

However, the number of thefts of units has grown with their popularity, as the systems become smaller and more easily compatible between different cars.

Paul Joyner, head of finances at Halfords, told "While most motor insurance policies includes some provision for protecting your sat nav equipment from in-car theft, it does not offer the level of flexibility needed if motorists take portable equipment with them."

"We believe this new policy will be welcomed by customers who are looking for that additional level of portable cover."

Car manufacturer Ford, recently announced it will be providing free car insurance for its Ka, Fiesta and Streetka models.

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