RAC: 19.5m Trips Planned By Drivers Over Jubilee Break

Published Date: 1st Jun 2022

car with union jack flags

The RAC says there could be in the region of 19.5 million trips taken over the extended Jubilee weekend.

Thursday and Friday could see well over 3 million travelling back and forth after meeting up with family and friends for the Jubilee celebration.

The RAC also says Wednesday and Saturday should see well over 2 million respectively travelling on UK roads, while another 5 million will be using their cars for a variety of reasons over the extended break.

Traffic is expected to be worse in the mornings, with motorists advised to set off early if they want to avoid the worst of the traffic jams. Some of the potentially worst affected roads could be the M25, M5 (southbound), the A303 and the A720 Edinburgh city bypass.

Of the drivers the RAC polled, a quarter said they will only head out on a trip if the weather is fine. More than a third said they won’t be travelling far, while 11% said they won’t be using the car at all due to the expensive cost of fuel.

With the high number of vehicles travelling, the RAC is reminding drivers to check their oil and water levels and ensure their tyres are roadworthy before setting off, with 6 in 10 drivers admitting they only checked their car sometimes before a trip.

As drivers may be dressing their car with Union Jack bunting and other accessories, the RAC is advising drivers to ensure it doesn’t obstruct their view while driving, so they don’t fall foul of a fine.

Drivers could be issued with a £100 fine, 3 points or anything up to £1000 if their jubilee accessory obstructs a window or the driver's view. There are also laws about accessories/attachments that could strike another vehicle, this could mean the driver is liable for a fine of anything up to £2500.