Order Now to avoid VAT increase in new year

Published Date: 21st Jul 2010

VAT is increasing on January 1st 2011 which can mean a substantial price increase on the price of a new car. By ordering before January, you can save money on a cheap new car that would otherwise be paid in VAT.

Order as soon as possible and you can get among the best possible deals on a new car, from an Audi to a Volvo, before VAT increases to 20% - thats an immediate saving of £500 on a £20k car - and thats after the thousands you can save buying a cheap new car from us.

Save thousands
With UK Car Discount, you can save thousands on the price of a new car already. We have some of the best prices available for new car deals online. But if you order before the VAT increase to make sure you take full advantage of the saving available. Even if you decide to take delivery of your new car deal into the new year, providing we have the deposit made before January 1st, you will secure your new car at pre-2011 VAT rates

Make the new year a fantastic one with a cheap new car and a great saving - remember, all we need is the deposit on a new car before January 1st in order to secure the car at the VAT rate of 17.5%

What you need to do:F

- Find the new car deal you want on our site, you may want to look at our highlighted special new car deals
- Registerand configure the car
- Contact us through the site or call us on 0845 170 7770