Order Now For Your 10 Plate Urge UK Car Discount

Published Date: 17th Nov 2009

As we enter the next decade, be the first to get your new 10 plates. In March 2010, new car registration plates become 10.

At UK Car Discount there are some great deals to be found for when the new registration plates become available. With the demand for new cars rising, UK Car Discount are urging customers who are thinking of purchasing a new car, to act sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

Gary Bennet, MD of UK Car Discount said, "For certain manufacturers, there's still a backlog of orders for new cars, especially non-standard builds that are more popular, as the car makers cut their output right down in the first quarter of the year - and now customers are having to wait."

He claimed the best way to make sure you get your new car in time for the 10 plate is to order now. Also, if customers select and pay for their new car before Jan 1st, 2010, they will only pay VAT at 15% rather than the higher rate which will be applied in the new year.

"There's a golden opportunity for people wanting a 10 plate car at the moment. They can choose and buy their new car now and take delivery of it with the new plate in March - and still pay 2009 prices!", Mr Bennett added.

The new year is traditionally a time when manufacturer prices increase, so there's extra incentive for the discerning customer to buy now.

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