Nissan Achieves Landmark - 11 Million Vehicles Manufactured in the UK

Published Date: 11th Aug 2023

Image of Nissan QashqaiSUNDERLAND, UK (June 8th, 2023) – In a momentous celebration of automotive prowess, the Nissan Sunderland Plant proudly heralds the production of its 11 millionth vehicle since its inception in 1986. This impressive milestone underscores Nissan's enduring commitment to UK innovation and quality, ensuring its position as a driving force in the UK's new car market.

Over 37 years, the Nissan Sunderland Plant has epitomised efficiency and precision, yielding an astonishing average of one new vehicle every two minutes. From its inaugural production of the white Nissan Bluebird in 1986 to the contemporary Blade Silver Qashqai e-POWER symbolising the 11 millionth achievement, Nissan's legacy of excellence remains unwavering.

The Blade Silver Qashqai e-POWER is a testament to Nissan's embrace of electrification, exemplifying the plant's forward-looking approach. As one of the three electrified models currently manufactured at the facility, it encapsulates Nissan's dedication to driving innovation. Nissan's pursuit of progress is palpable from the 22-hour assembly of the first vehicle to the streamlined 8.5-hour construction of the top-tier Qashqai e-POWER.

Adam Pennick, Vice President of Manufacturing at Nissan Sunderland, expressed pride in the accomplishment, affirming, "This milestone reflects the vast experience that our world-class manufacturing team has in delivering the quality cars that our customers love. We've come a long way since production started, with some iconic models on the way. But we're always looking forward, and our fully electrified range and EV36Zero plan mean we have an exciting and sustainable future ahead."

The remarkable 11 million vehicles encompass nine distinct models with 22 variations. The Qashqai, Micra, Primera, and Juke have each attained seven-figure production figures. Particularly noteworthy is the Qashqai's feat of surpassing four million units, solidifying its status as a record-setting achievement.

Nissan E Power LogoIn a remarkable feat, the Nissan Qashqai secured the title of the UK's best-selling new car in the past year, marking the first British-made model to capture this honour in 24 years. As the largest car manufacturer in the UK by volume, the Sunderland Plant boasts a workforce of approximately 6,000 individuals and plays a pivotal role in supporting an additional 30,000 jobs within the supply chain. This is further underscored by the staggering arrival of five million parts at the plant on a daily basis.

In a visionary stride towards the future, the Nissan Sunderland Plant proudly represents complete electrification. With the Qashqai e-POWER, Juke Hybrid, and the all-electric Nissan LEAF, the plant embodies Nissan's dedication to sustainable mobility. The creation of over 50,000 Qashqai e-POWER and 20,000 Juke HYBRID vehicles underscores Nissan's commitment to a greener automotive landscape.

As the plant charts its course ahead, the groundbreaking EV36Zero project assumes a pivotal role. Comprising a new electric vehicle, a 12GWh gigafactory in partnership with Envision AESC for batteries, and a microgrid delivering 100% renewable energy, the project is emblematic of Nissan's unwavering dedication to sustainable practices.


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