Newest Mini Model

Published Date: 26th Jun 2005

The newest, new mini of them all has received rave reviews from visitors to the Frankfurt Motorshow.

A pair of side hinged doors offer access to a boot that can fit more than a shoebox, and a slide out ramp aids loading.

On the exterior the car is unmistakeably new mini but has had a few tweaks. Like a receding hairline the headlamps have been slid up the bonnet making the distinctive grille appear more prominent.

The bonnet itself has been raised and widened to make it sit further from the engine parts and comply with new European safety guidelines.

Since it was first displayed as a concept in 1997 the new Mini has re-established itself as one the country's favourite cars, so much so that the remodelled motoring icon has even produced more new car sales than its manufacturer expected.

However it is starting to face an increasing amount of competition in the supermini market, and innovations like the cheap new mini estate are key if it is to hold the interest of new car buyers.