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Published Date: 30th Jan 2024

Image of a Volkswagen Passat Estate 2024Welcome to our review of the trim levels for the all-new 2024 Volkswagen Passat Estate. We recognise the significance of meticulously evaluating each trim level at UK Car Discount when selecting the ideal car. As your go-to source for new vehicles, we'll unravel the intricacies of the Volkswagen Passat Estate 2024 line-up, ensuring you grasp every facet before making an informed decision.


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The Volkswagen Passat Estate transcends mere transportation; it's a fusion of German engineering and design finesse. Its refined lines and polished surfaces transform it into a masterpiece that emanates dynamism, even in stillness. Elevate your driving encounters with its immersive experience and intricately crafted interior, blending elegance seamlessly into your journey.




The 2024 Volkswagen Passat Estate introduces cutting-edge connectivity features in the rapidly evolving automotive technology landscape. Revel in the convenience of wireless Apple CarPlay® and wireless Android Auto™, seamlessly integrating your favourite apps into your driving escapades. The windscreen-projected heads-up display accentuates the futuristic touch, offering directions from a mirrored navigation app.

Image of a Volkswagen Passat Estate InteriorFor those who relish performance, rejoice! The Volkswagen Passat Estate promises exceptional responsiveness and power with its advanced engines, featuring innovative hybrid technology. Achieve the perfect harmony between performance and fuel efficiency, transforming each drive into a thrilling escapade.


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Yet, the allure of the Passat Estate extends beyond its performance and design. The interior encapsulates the essence of German aesthetics and craftsmanship, delivering a harmonious blend of comfort and sophistication. Step inside the 2024 Volkswagen Passat Estate, immersing yourself in an ambience that transcends the ordinary, ensuring a pleasurable experience for all.

As we navigate the Volkswagen Passat Estate trim levels, we'll provide you with a comprehensive understanding of each variant. From its distinctive silhouette to the intricacies of its taillight design, we'll dissect every key detail that distinguishes each trim. Join us in exploring the dynamic colour palette, innovative paint technology, and exquisite finishes accentuating the Passat Estate's embodiment of Volkswagen's design philosophy.

Moreover, the new Passat Estate, set to be the sole version available in the future, redefines the driving experience with more feel-good space than ever before. Impressively sporty design, elevated comfort levels, and innovative technologies enhance every journey, whether a business lunch or transporting the kids to football training.

Our goal is to assist you in making an informed decision as we guide you through the Volkswagen Passat Estate trim levels, helping you discover the perfect fusion of automotive style, performance, and innovation that aligns with your preferences. Let the journey commence, and may your experience with the 2024 Volkswagen Passat Estate be as captivating as the car itself.


The New Volkswagen Passat 2024 Trim Range consists of the following:


1 - New Passat Life - Available Saving: up to £3,556

2 - New Passat Elegance - Available Saving: up to £3,990

3 - New Passat R-Line - Available Saving: up to £5,290




1 - Volkswagen Passat Life 2024


Volkswagen Passat Life 2024: Elevate your driving experience with the sophisticated Passat Life. Cruise in style with Alloy wheels, enhance parking with the Rear-view camera and stay on course with the Navigation system. Enjoy a futuristic cockpit with Digital Cockpit Pro and illuminate your path with High Beam Assist and LED headlamps. The Passat Life is not just a car; it's a masterpiece, blending elegance with innovation.

Image of a Volkswagen Golf 2024 Life ModelKey Features - Alloy wheels 7.5 x 17" 'Bologna' Dark Graphite diamond-turned, Rear-view camera, Navigation system, Digital Cockpit Pro 10.25" high resolution, High Beam Assist, automatic sensor for switching between dipped and main beam, LED headlamps, Massage seats in front (3 bubbles), Leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel with shift paddles, `Air Care Climatronic` (3-zone) with rear air conditioning control panel, Adaptive cruise control (ACC), Electrically heated, adjustable and folding door mirrors, Keyless locking and starting system Keyless access with Safelock, Car2X - intelligent vehicle networking, Full electric tailgate operation.

Summary: Introducing the sophisticated Volkswagen Passat Life 2024, where elegance meets innovation. Cruise in style with Alloy wheels 7.5 x 17" 'Bologna' Dark Graphite diamond-turned, and enhance your parking prowess with the Rear-view camera. Stay on course effortlessly with the Navigation system and experience a futuristic cockpit with the Digital Cockpit Pro's 10.25" high-resolution display. Illuminate your path perfectly using the automatic High Beam Assist and LED headlamps. Find relaxation in the front Massage seats with three bubble settings, and navigate effortlessly with the Leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel featuring shift paddles. Control your comfort zone with the Air Care Climatronic (3-zone) air conditioning, including a rear panel for added convenience. Enjoy a stress-free drive with (ACC) Adaptive Cruise Control and ensure clear visibility with electrically heated, adjustable, and folding door mirrors. Embrace modern convenience with the Keyless locking and starting system, Keyless access with Safelock, and stay connected with Car2X intelligent vehicle networking. Effortlessly access your cargo space with the Full electric tailgate operation. The Volkswagen Passat Life 2024 is not just a car; it's an engineering masterpiece, a fusion of cutting-edge features meticulously crafted to elevate your driving experience to unprecedented heights.


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2 - Volkswagen Passat Elegance 2024


Volkswagen Passat Elegance 2024: Indulge in luxury with the Passat Elegance, building on the impressive features of the Life variant. Ride in style on Alloy wheels 'Napoli' metallic, relax in Sports comfort seats, and enjoy massages with 13 bubble settings. The LED rear combination lamp and panoramic sunroof add visual appeal, while the Acoustics Pack enhances the audio experience. The Passat Elegance is a testament to unparalleled luxury and advanced technology.

Image of a Volkswagen Passat Elegance ModelKey Features (in addition to Life)  - Alloy wheels 7.5 x 17" 'Napoli' metallic, Sports comfort seats in front, Inserts of front seats and outer rear seats in Art Velours Eco microfleece, Massage seats in front (13 bubbles), Aluminium decorative inserts, LED rear combination lamp, variable lighting functions, Tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof with rear panoramic sunroof, Acoustics Pack

Summary: Elevate your driving experience with the luxurious Volkswagen Passat Elegance, where refinement meets innovation. This exceptional model, building on the impressive features of the Life variant, introduces a new level of sophistication. Ride in style on Alloy wheels 7.5 x 17" 'Napoli' metallic, setting the tone for a journey defined by elegance. The Sports comfort seats in the front, Art Velours Eco microfleece inserts in the front, and outer rear seats create an ambience of sheer luxury. Enjoy an unparalleled massage experience with front seats offering 13 bubbles, ensuring every drive is a relaxing retreat. The Aluminium decorative inserts add a touch of modernity, complementing the interior with refined aesthetics. Experience a visual spectacle with the LED rear combination lamp, offering variable lighting functions that enhance visibility and elevate the car's rear profile. Open up to the world with the Tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof, accompanied by another rear panoramic sunroof, flooding the rear interior with natural light. Immerse yourself in an acoustic delight with the Acoustics Pack, enhancing the audio experience to match the superior comfort and style. The Volkswagen Passat Elegance is not just a car; it's a testament to unparalleled luxury, advanced technology, and a driving experience that transcends expectations. Choose the Elegance trim and enjoy a journey where every detail is carefully designed for your comfort and pleasure.


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3 - New Passat R-Line 2024


Passat R-Line 2024: Experience the thrill of dynamic design and cutting-edge performance with the Passat R-Line. Make a bold statement with Alloy wheels 'Coventry' and the Black Styling pack. Immerse yourself in Sports seats with 'Karoso' R-Line fabric, dynamic lighting options, and IQ.LIGHT - LED Matrix headlamps. The R-Line variant is not just a car; it's an expression of dynamic prowess, pushing the boundaries of sedan performance.

Image of a Volkswagen Passat R-Line ModelKey Features (in addition to Life)  - Alloy wheels 8J x 18" 'Coventry', black, diamond-turned, Black Styling pack, Sports seats in front, Inserts of front and outer rear seats in 'Karoso' R-Line fabric, Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), variable suspension settings, sport, comfort and normal, Interior Ambient lighting with 30 colour options, IQ.LIGHT - LED Matrix headlamps with LED separate daytime running lights, dynamic cornering lighting and dynamic turn signal, Brushed stainless steel pedals, Massage seats in front (13 bubbles), LED rear combination lamp, variable lighting functions

Summary: Experience the thrilling journey offered by the Volkswagen Passat R-Line 2024, a pinnacle of dynamic design and cutting-edge performance. Building upon the exceptional features of the Life model, the R-Line introduces a fusion of sportiness and sophistication. Make a bold statement with Alloy wheels 8J x 18" 'Coventry,' black, diamond-turned, showcasing the R-Line's distinctive style. The Black Styling pack enhances the car's exterior, adding a touch of assertiveness to its appearance. Immerse yourself in the Sports seats in the front, adorned with inserts in 'Karoso' R-Line fabric, creating an interior that reflects a perfect blend of sporty elegance. The Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) offers variable suspension settings – from sporty to comfortable – ensuring a tailored driving experience that suits your preferences. Step into a world of ambient luxury with interior Ambient lighting featuring 30 colour options that allow you to set the mood for every drive. Illuminate the road ahead with IQ.LIGHT - LED Matrix headlamps, accompanied by dynamic cornering light and turn signals, offer enhanced visibility and safety. Feel the sporty vibe with brushed stainless steel pedals, adding a touch of sophistication to the driving experience. The Volkswagen Passat R-Line goes beyond aesthetics; it's a performance-driven machine with massage seats in the front that provide comfort and support during every journey. Experience the perfect synergy of style and technology with the LED rear combination lamp, offering variable lighting functions. The R-Line variant is not just a car; it's an expression of dynamic prowess, pushing the boundaries of what an estate car can achieve. Choose the Passat R-Line for a driving experience that reflects your driving passion for performance and style.


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