New Skoda Kodiaq – Vision S

Published Date: 23rd May 2016

Skoda has released details of the new Kodiaq, which is modeled on the Vision S Concept previewed at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Kodiaq the name refers to the Kodiak bear that lives on the homonymous island off the southern coast of Alaska; its spelling is derived from the language of the indigenous people – the Alutiiq.  ŠKODA will be launching their new SUV segment with this new model that will be presented to the public in the second half of 2016.

Skoda is looking to enter the Suv/Crossover segment with a bang, with the new Kodiaq which is based on Skoda Vision S Concept previewed at the Geneva Motor Show this year. The car looks like the most futuristic Suv/Crossover ever built, with its rigid exterior and technology packed interior cabin.

This latest production car shares many characteristics with the Vision S, such as the similarities in design equipment and technology.  Skoda continues to rise from the shadow of the VW group, with record production, multiple design awards and a great vision for the future.


Exterior Design

 Skoda’s Vision S has an exterior designs that mirrors the car maker’s new emotional draw. Sharp lines and edges give the Kodiaq a prominent stance on the road and accentuate the exterior look of the new car.

 From the side the new Skoda Kodiaq looks like a car from a futuristic film or TV show, like what we would imagine cars to look like in years to come. Skoda has brought it forward and is leading the chase in in-car technology too, with media screens visible from every seat in the new Kodiaq. 

kodiaq Vision S Concept Kodiaq Vision S Concept