New Nissan Juke Nismo Review

Published Date: 7th Mar 2013

The new 2013 Nissan Juke Nismo is a 'beefed up' version of the standard Nissan Juke Crosssover, with a tuned chassis, aerodynamic re-designed styling and an improved version of Nissan's 1.6 direct-injection turbocharged petrol engine, the Juke Nismo should provide stern competition for the hot hatch sector. The new Juke Nismo 2WD drive version produces 197bhp and 250Nm of torque which takes the car from 0-62mph in 7.8 seconds with a top speed of 134mph with fuel economy 40.9mpg (combined) cycle and CO emissions of 159g/km, impressively this is identical to the standard, less powerful Nissan Juke DIG-T. There is also a 4WD Nissan Juke Nismo version which covers 0-62mph in 8.2 seconds and has a top speed of 125mph, fuel economy of the 4WD drive model is 38.1mpg (combined) with CO emissions of 169g/km.Nissan Juke Nismo Exterior 

The Nissan Juke Nismo features a lower, bolder looking front-end with a horizontal front mesh grille with thin-strip LED daytime running lights and an upper red pinstripe which curves round to the front wheel arches. The red stripe also features along the side of the vehicle at the bottom of the doors and on the on the black sill at the rear of the car. The side skirts have been re-designed to enhance performance. The new body coloured front wings are more 'muscular' and door mirrors are in red. The B-pillar is in gloss ‘piano black' which gives a premium feel. The rear body coloured spoiler houses the high-level brake light which in a common theme with the Nismo is not just for looks as with all the design modifications Nissan's motivation to increase front and rear down-force, so enhancing the Juke Nismo experience with improved efficiency and performance. Just as impressive are the eye-catching 18" alloy wheels with wider tyres again not just for looks but to give additional traction.

The Nissan Juke Nismo is available in three three colours; Silver Grey, Pearl White and Metallic Black. All three colour schemes feature the bold red door mirrors and the matching red pinstripe around the car. For those that want an even bolder look there are further options with decals featuring wide roof stripe and side stickers.

Nissan Juke Nismo Interior

The front seats have suede trim and sporty red detail stitching and have been redesigned to offer additional back support. There are further splashes of 'sport red' on the tachometer and the steering wheel which is finished in leather and alcantara. The headlining of the Nissan Juke Nismo is black and there is gloss ‘piano black' finish around the dash controls/vents. The gear selector features a smoke grey trim and the pedals have been given a metallic finish, Nismo badging is dotted about the interior including the footstop and seats.

Latest information is that the vehicle should be available in June, contact UK Car Discount for more info or or view the latest Nissan Juke delas here.