New MG Motor UK ZS EV Standard Model

Published Date: 5th Apr 2022

exterior image of MG Motor UK ZS EV SUV

MG Motor UK have added a new ‘Standard’ option to its full electric ZS SUV model range. The ZS EV is already one of the more affordable full electric cars available and the new Standard model offers an even cheaper option.

What’s the catch? The existing ZS EV ‘Long Range’ models can travel up to a whopping 273 miles on a full charge, the new Standard models have a smaller battery and reduced range of 198 miles, which is still very respectable.

The introduction of the new ZS EV Standard model, doubles the number of models available with Standard and Long Range options available with all three trim-levels; the SE, Trophy and Trophy Connect.

Equipment levels are the same whether you choose a Standard or Long Range model, essentially the difference is the smaller battery and MG Motor UK say there should be saving of approximately £2000 on Standard vs Long Range like for like models.

Standard models pack a 51.1kWh battery and using a 100kW fast charger you get a charge of up to 80% in approximately 40 minutes.

Standard and Long Range models are equipped with the same motor, however the differing battery sizes and operating voltages, mean Standard models have a higher equivalent power output of 130kW/176bhp.

The new MG Motor UK ZS EV Standard qualifies for the latest UK Government plug-in grant, and it benefits from MG Motor UK’s generous 7-year warranty.

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