New McLaren 720S Super Series with bespoke MSO ‘Velocity’ Paintwork

McLaren’s new 720S was on show at the 2017 Geneva Motor show in new Velocity paint.

The Bespoke McLaren 720S is personalised by MSO (McLaren Special Operations) and was unveiled in Geneva just 24 hours after global debut of second-generation Super Series. The special design of McLaren Special Operations’ ‘Velocity’ paintwork celebrates the exhilarating performance credentials of this new McLaren. The Fusion of Nerello Red and Volcano Red paint finishes showcases the vision of MSO to create uniquely sophisticated, bespoke McLaren supercars.

Shortly after the latest McLaren 720S was released at the centre of the motoring world in the Palexpo at the 2017 Geneva motor show, here it was noted that customers buying the 720S would benefit by way of the new personalized version put together by McLaren Special Operations. The new Velocity paint combination by McLaren Special operations gives a massive scope for personalisation if you do decide to go for the Super Series version by the bespoke division of McLaren – MSO.


“The MSO mission is to fulfill customer desire for exclusivity in their choice of McLaren,” said Ansar Ali, Managing Director of McLaren Special Operations. “The lean, sculpted beauty of the new 720S provides the perfect starting point for owners to be creative and the specification of this MSO 720S ‘Velocity’ showcases a taste of the customisation options that are possible.”

This amazing Velocity paintwork is two combined pearlescent finishes, the newly developed Nerello Red is applied to the upper and front body panels including the carbon-fibre bonnet. The Volcano Red looks vividly exceptional on the sides and rear of the car – completing a look that makes this car a timeless masterpiece.


Looking past the paints work there are many other features that make this car stand out from the crowd, like the bronze lightweight alloy wheels to shed that extra weight and get maximum performance. There is also the custom designed and fitted carbon fibre parts selected from the MSO collection, In addition there is the red carbon fibre bonnet, gloss carbon Rear Vent, gloss carbon fibre Service Cover, gloss carbon rear aero bridge and a striking satin carbon Full Length Sill Cover too.

The McLaren 720S ‘Velocity’, which costs close £335,000 as a McLaren Special Operations version, is one of only five MSO paint themes for the new McLaren Super Series that will be available to view in the McLaren stand at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show. Other themes include: ‘GT’; ‘Pacific’; ‘Track’; and ‘Stealth’, and are all displayed on screens, further demonstrating that MSO can deliver every request to ensure that every customised McLaren can deliver the clients’ individual ideas and overall vision.

mclaren interior

Here is the full portfolio of MSO enhancements on the McLaren 720S ‘Velocity’:

  • MSO Exterior Paint Theme (Nerello Red/Volcano Red)
  • MSO Bronze Wheel Finish
  • MSO Carbon Fibre Bonnet (red tinted gloss finish)
  • MSO Carbon Rear Deck Vent (gloss finish)
  • MSO Carbon Service Cover (gloss finish)
  • MSO Carbon Fibre Rear Aero Bridge (gloss finish)
  • MSO Carbon Full Length Sill Cover (satin finish)
  • MSO Carbon Face Vents (satin finish)
  • Full Carbon Black Alcantara® Facia with Harissa Red Leather IP Topper Centre and IP Topper Driver Side 
  • Full Carbon Black Alcantara® Tunnel and Door Bin Lid with Harissa Red Contrast Stitch (including Black TPE Cup Holder and Key Fob Holder)
  • Full Carbon Black Alcantara® Steering Wheel with Harissa Red Leather Centre Band (Harissa Red contrast stitch on upper and grips)
  • Full Carbon Black Alcantara® Door Casings with Harissa Red Contrast Stitch and Harissa Red Leather Door Speaker Surround Inner
  • Full Carbon Black Alcantara® Seats with Carbon Black Leather Large Insert Panels 
  • Full Carbon Black Alcantara® Headlining with Harissa Red Contrast Stitch
  • Full Carbon Black Alcantara® Quarter Panel Rear and Bulkhead Finisher (Harissa Red contrast stitch on decorative stitch lines)
  • Carbon Black Carpet Rear Shelf and Bulkhead (Harissa Red contrast stitch on decorative stitch lines)
  • Carbon Black Alcantara® B Pillar Lower with Harissa Red Contrast Stitch