New Mazda MX-5 Improved

Published Date: 18th Oct 2005

The new Mazda MX-5 has undergone some serious slimming to make way for a few flash new features, according to NewCarNet.

In addition to the new side airbags, stronger body-work, more powerful engines and more generous equipment packages this amounts to a lot of extra weight.

Mazda was adamant though that the cheap new MX-5's improved equipment levels would not compromise its traditionally responsive handling and set about stripping weight from other areas of the vehicle.

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Most weight-saving devices will not be noticed by the driver and it is only the decision to leave the roof manual, rather than adding a heavy motor, that will raise a few eyebrows.

Elsewhere Mazda has used high-strength steels wherever possible, meaning that less of the material has to be used. The boot and bonnet are now made of lightweight aluminium, as is the engine frame and a number of components.

Mazda even drilled holes in the new MX-5's pedals and trimmed down the rear view mirror in a bid to shed those all-important extra grams.

The alterations have left the entry level new MX-5 with improved standard spec and just 10kg of extra weight.

As well as the weight the price has also remained low making this one of the best value cheap new Mazda MX-5 variants on the market.