New Mazda Kai concept revealed


The future of Mazda styling is here with the new Mazda Kai concept revealed at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

The incredible Concept car named the Kai gives us all a glimpse into the future of all new cars from Mazda, however this one looks more like a straight replacement for the Mazda 3 to me, which is due in a couple of years.

The Tokyo Motor show stunner is a latest demonstration of Mazda’s dramatic Kodo design, that relies on fewer visual elements with cleaner and less cluttered surfaces that still manage to deliver an eye-catching look.

Could this be the future Mazda 3?


The European design chief also agrees that the car has been designed to be in production. The Mazda designer Kevin Rice said that while the company has yet to officially confirm that KAI is anything other than a show car, it has been created with manufacturing techniques in mind. “We have a recent history of not just producing concepts for concepts’ sake,” he said.

“So yes, manufacturing tolerances and techniques have been incorporated into this project since the very beginning. We’re working with our manufacturing guys on new techniques - in particular, new stamping and pressing techniques that would allow us to form the type of shapes on the KAI.”


With a new car also comes new engine technology in the form of Mazda’s own Skyactiv-X combustion engine. A Petrol engine with the special proprietary compression ignition system that mimics a diesel powertrain.

Surprisingly this new engine is petrol powered but can deliver the same fuel efficiency, torque, initial acceleration and response of a diesel without the extra noxious emissions associated.