New Hyundai i30 N Release

Hyundai has released details for a new hot-hatch version of the i30, named the i30 N.

The New i30 N is Hyundai’s first hot-hatch performance car under the new N line-up. Built on the chassis of the latest Generation i30, the i30 N is developed from the ground up to give the driver the most possible pleasure in everyday driving conditions, as well as on a race track.

i30N front view on race trck

This new N model was created in Namyang, at Hyundai Motor’s global research and development centre in South Korea and refined at the Nürburgring in Germany, known for being one of the most challenging race tracks on the planet and home of Hyundai’s state-of-the-art Testing Center. The N logo symbolises a chicane on a race track – the most supreme corner where the i30 N has been tested painstakingly and has proven its worth. The i30 N is inspired by Hyundai’s experience in WRC since 2014.

i30N side view

The i30 N is Hyundai’s answer to emerging customer interest in uncompromising innovation and tech-driven performance. Due to be launched across Europe by the end of 2017, the All-New i30 N is made for driving enthusiasts and thrill seekers. The i30 N sports a unique character and coherent, timeless design – which includes a new Cascading Grille and the new Hyundai badge signature.

“The Hyundai i30 N has been developed for no other purpose than to deliver maximum driving fun to our customers in an accessible high-performance package,” explained Albert Biermann, Executive Vice President Performance Development and High Performance Vehicle Division. “With the high-performance N models we will enhance our brand’s appeal with emotional products that cater to the needs of people who love to have a smile on their face when they drive their car on a winding road and listen to the sound of the engine. That’s why we measure high-performance in BPM, heart beats per minute instead of only RPM.”

i30N rear and side view on race track

Built in Europe
The New i30 N will be manufactured at Hyundai’s Motor Plant in Nošovice, Czech Republic. This facility opened in 2008 and started production of the first ever i30 within the same year. It has an annual production capacity of 350,000 cars and fulfils the highest quality standards to meet European customers’ expectations. The HMMC facility also features a 3.3 km open test track on the factory grounds, ensuring that every vehicle is tested for dynamic properties, noise and functions, along with a full underbody check for fluid leakage and correct assembly.

Practical Sports Car
The New Hyundai i30 N is an everyday sports car, suitable for daily commuting to the local shops or for a weekend of full-blooded track racing. By offering a great variety of customisation options, the i30 N is a well-balanced hatchback, offering practicality and performance to give the best feeling for whoever is behind the wheel. There are five drive modes, including Eco, Normal, Sport, N and N Custom settings, which can be easily selected by using two dedicated buttons on the steering wheel for extra convenience. The different modes change the character of the car, adjusting the high-performance parameters of the engine, the dampers, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Electronic Limited Slip Differential (E-LSD), sound, steering and rev-matching. Additionally, the driver can select the rev-matching button on the steering wheel to increase the revs on the engine when shifting from a higher to a lower gear, while the car’s Launch Control helps to launch the car as fast as easy possible by controlling engine torque.

i30N interior view of dash