New Electric Vehicle from Mahindra UK

Published Date: 8th Aug 2016

The very first UK e2o electric city car has been delivered as Mahindra will only use the Internet to sell directly to consumers. Like Tesla they will not use any franchised dealer to sell their vehicles for them and take a slice of the profits.

The customer will also be able to track the progress of their build through an online portal showing the latest updates on their all electric e2o order.

Mahindra lack the retail locations that Tesla have to offer and to test drive the new e2o you’ll have to drive down to Chiswick, West London where the UK headquarters are located.


The current business model works on having no dealership to pay for and any servicing or warranty work will be carried out by mobile technicians travelling to your home and inspecting the vehicle on the drive.

The e2o is an all electric city car, catering for those short zero emission journeys. Featuring a 72 volt lithium-ion battery with 15.46kWh, the total range can be up to 79 miles on a full charge and top speeds of 63 mph.

How much will the new mahindra electric e2o cost to run?

When it comes to cost per mile, at just 1.5p the e2o beats your normal car hands down. Or the train. Or the bus. If you drive your e2o the average of 7,900 miles per year and charge at home at night on an Economy 7 tariff using the Charge Scheduler on your e2o Remote app, then you will spend under £10 per month on fuel.


The car is also a tax haven for employees and businesses, if your employer buys an e2o as a company car then you’re entitled to a 95% first year allowance. If you drive an e2o as a company car then you will only pay 5% benefit in kind.

Steve Parkinson, Mahindra International UK chief executive, said its sales are focussing on London, Birmingham, Bristol and Milton Keynes but he is keen to expand the offering to other UK cities.

The Mahindra e2o is available for £12,995 for the city version and for £14,995 you can get the TechX version featuring extras such as air conditioning, rapid charging and a reversing camera.