The New Citroen DS5 2013

Published Date: 9th Nov 2012

Citroen DS5

The latest new Citroen DS5 has supermodel looks and is a feast for the senses as Citroen seems to have got the perfect balance of looks, technology and performance.

In 2013 we expect the stylish Citroen DS5 to live up to expectation and sell in huge numbers as customers are telling us they love the high up riding style of this Ford Mondeo sized vehicle.

The DS5 seems to capture the imagination of customers with its modern design and has certainly put Citroen back into play as a decent family car option for uk car discount customers.

This is what Citroen say about their new DS5:

An eye-catching, daring design with inspired detail, New Citroën DS5’s aerodynamic silhouette is bold and assertive. The beautifully appointed cabin expresses the very best of Citroën styling expertise. Its chrome "sabres" which continue from the headlights to the windscreen are a sign of its outer style.

Remarkably spellbinding, incredibly seductive and most definitely outstanding, New Citroën DS5 has a natural element of attraction.

The Cabin:

“Although New Citroën DS5 personality can be appreciated from its external style, inside, the imagination runs even wilder! The cockpit design takes its inspiration from the aeronautical world and is a key element to New Citroën DS5. The extensive glass roof will allow you to enjoy an unprecedented light atmosphere both day and night.

Driving Position:

The driving position has been designed entirely for the driver's needs. There is a wide central console with a small gear stick, a surrounding dashboard and a near-vertically positioned steering wheel. It feels like being in a real sports car!


“Comfortably positioned, New Citroën DS5 main controls are at hands reach thanks to the two central consoles; one in a lower position next to the gear stick, and one amongst the cockpit roof. It is comprised of push buttons, dials and toggle switches which entice you to take control!


Every detail has been given great thought to immerse you into a universe of sophistication. New Citroën DS5 is complete with noble materials such as full grain leather and aluminium. Finer details, such as its seat design, inspired by an elegant watchstrap, makes New DS5 unique.


Overall the DS models have added a positive edge to the Citroen range and have certainly raised the interest levels of customers looking to replace their more sobering looking vehicles with something with a bit more style.

The engines are solid performing economical DS5 1.6 e-HDi , DS5 2.0 HDi diesel and DS5 1.6 THP petrol and there is even a new Citroen DS5 hybrid for customers who are looking for the ultimate eco friendly big car experience.

The trim comes in Dsign, Dsport and Dstyle all of which offer varying degree of comfort and luxury to fit your budget and all the usual refinements are available:

ENGINE                                     CO2 (g/km)                  MRR OTR PRICE


e-HDi 110 Airdream EGS6        114                                £22,400

HDi 160 6-speed manual          129                                £23,400

HDi 160 6-speed automatic      154                                £24,900

Hybrid4 200 Airdream EGS6     99                                 £27,600


e-HDi 110 Airdream EGS6       114                                £24,900

HDi 160 6-speed manual         133                                 £25,900

HDi 160 6-speed automatic     158                                 £27,400

Hybrid4 200 Airdream EGS6    107                                £30,100

THP 200 6-speed manual        155                                £25,900


HDi 160 6-speed manual        133                                 £28,000

HDi 160 6-speed automatic    158                                 £29,500

Hybrid4 200 Airdream EGS6    107                               £32,200

THP 200 6-speed manual       155                                 £28,000

Alternative vehicles to the Citroen DS5 are the Ford Mondeo, Hyundai I40, Kia Optima and the Vauxhall Insignia.

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