Top 5 New Cars Deals For 2019

Published Date: 26th Nov 2018

We’re expecting some changes in the new car market in 2019, some of the UK’s favourites cars have been given a new twist and some much-anticipated updated models are expected to hit the sweet the spot in 2019.

Here are our top 5 picks of new car deals, some are available to order right now for March 2019 delivery on the new 19 plate and some coming soon in 2019.

New Ford Fiesta Active Deals

New Ford Fiesta Active 2019With ever-increasing demand for Crossover vehicles, Ford are hitting the segment hard and plan a full-on assault in 2019 of the small SUV/Crossover segments.

First up is the Ford Fiesta Active the new twist on Britain’s favourite car, the Fiesta.

With rugged looks and styling, a higher driving position that gives you a birds-eye view of the road, the SUV-centric Fiesta Active includes roof rails, wider wheel arches, and distinctive 17” alloy wheels.

The Fiesta just doesn’t just look rugged and more capable of tackling rough terrain, it actually does  a does a good job of it. Thanks to the revised suspension designed to cope with more demanding conditions it soaks up the bumps and jolts and offers a significantly more cushioned ride than the standard Fiesta.

Despite the more rugged looks, Ford have been careful to retain many of the characteristics of the original Fiesta, the responsive steering and great handling are a good as ever and the vehicle is equally adept and suited to urban around town driving and you get a choice of the fantastic Ecoboost engines.

The Fiesta Active also comes equipped with three drive modes, Normal, Eco and Slippery, the latter as the name suggest helps adjust the car’s traction control for more demanding slippery condition in the wet or snow for example.

There is very little competition for an SUV inspired small car like the Fiesta in the market place at the moment, it will face competition from the Hyundai i20 Active and if it’s a big success (we expect it will be) other car manufacturers will take notice of this smallest of Crossovers.

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New Ford Focus Active Deals

New Ford Focus Active - 2019 ModelThe Ford Focus Active joins the Fiesta Active in Ford’s new assault on the Crossover segment.

The Focus Active follows similar trends to the Fiesta Active, featuring a higher driving position, rugged styling and tweaked suspension that does a good job of cushioned the jolts on rougher terrain.

SUV-styling includes moulded wheel arches, its own unique, chunkier bumpers and alloy wheels, along with silver skid plates and roof rails.

The Focus still retains all that made it so popular; great handling, good equipment levels and it’s a great vehicle on motorways, around town and the revised suspension makes lighter work of bumpy roads than the standard Focus.  Like its little brother the Fiesta Active, the Focus Active is also equipped with three drive modes; normal, eco and slippery for more demanding conditions.

If you’re looking for all the bells and whistles then you might want to take a look at the range-topping Focus Active X which is packed with tech and equipment.

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The New Mazda3 - Arriving In 2019

Mazda3 - 2019 Model PreviewThe much-anticipated version of Mazda’s smart-looking medium sized hatchback, the Mazda3 will be hitting UK showrooms in 2019. It will be the first model to feature Mazda’s Skyactiv-X SPCCI petrol engine. SPCCI stands for Spark Controlled Compression Ignition; a petrol engine combining both spark ignition and compression ignition, the first of its kind.

The new Skyactiv-X SPCCI petrol engine is 20% more efficient that the Skyactive G petrol engines in current Mazda models and its equally as fuel efficient as the current Skyactiv-D diesels which could mean the beginning of the end for diesels.

The new Mazda3 is slightly longer, wider and lower than the current Mazda 3, giving it a strong, sleeker and sportier look than the outgoing model. If looks are anything to go by, rival mid-sized hatchbacks like the VW Golf and Ford Focus will face stiff competition from the new 2019 Mazda3.

Mazda have also made refinements under the hood and in the cabin to improve overall ride quality and comfort. The seats are specially constructed and ergonomically improved and under the hood the dampers are bigger with more upright struts and new/improved suspension bushes. The end result of all of this is a reduction in stiffness in the ride, more comfort and Mazda have also reduced cabin noise too.

Taking in to account the stunning new looks of the Mada3, the long-list of standard equipment you get even on entry-level Mazda models, improved refinement in ride quality/inside the cabin and a ground-breaking new petrol engine, we expect the new Mazda3 to hit the sweet spot with the UK public.

If you are in the market for a mid-sized hatchback in 2019 the Mazda3 should be on your shortlist.

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New 2019 Citroen C5 Aircross

New 2019 Citoen C5 AircrossThen C5 Aircross is Citroen’s stylish and comfortable vehicle competing with medium to large sized SUV’s in a very competitive segment …. Except it’s not a full-blown SUV/4x4 in the pure sense, all of its cues and styling are SUV inspired, like higher driving position and muscular looks but it is a Crossover, a comfortable vehicle that is well suited to cruising on motorways or urban around-town journeys. Citroen know demand for such vehicles is high and have upped the ante with the 2019 C5 Aircross.

Citroens approach with the C5 Aircross is to go all out for safety, comfort and economy with plenty of personalisation options which tend to be a big hit with families. The C5 Aircross features their new ‘Comfort’ suspension and inside the cabin is a very nice experience and perfect for long journeys.

The engines are smaller in the new 2019 meaning a cleaner more efficient vehicle while turbochargers mean there isn't really any loss in performance with a mix of BlueHDi diesels and petrol units. Citroen have also announced that the much anticipated 300bhp plug-in hybrid version with available in the latter part of 2019.

If you are looking for a very nice family car with high driving position that is super-comfortable, spacious has a long-list of safety features and is extremely practical,  look no further than the C5 Aircross.

If you are in the market for a medium sized plugin hybrid crossover and you can wait till the last quarter of 2019 then we highly recommend you put the C5 Aircross Plugin Hybrid on your shortlist.

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2019 BMW 3 Series Deals

BMW 3 Series - 2019 ModelThe all-new BMW 3-Series is the 7th generation model based on a completely new platform that has been in development for 5 years. Exterior looks have undergone subtle changes, BMW don’t want to mess about with their most popular model's iconic looks too much.

Inside is where they have made significant changes, there’s more space and BMW have upped the ante in terms of refinement. There’s a new infotainment system and cleaner looking dash too with everything centred around the new 10.3 inch touchscreen display paired with a new 12.3 inch digital cockpit. There’s also a ‘Virtual Cockpit’ digital instrument cluster available as an option (something that Audi fans should find interesting).

The new BMW 3 Series keeps its rear wheel drive and at launch there will be TwinPower petrol and diesels engines with 6-speed manual transmission or the option of an 8-speed Steptronic transmission.  The 330i petrol in its fastest guise can catapult you from 0-62mph in a nippy 5.8 seconds whilst the 320d diesel does it in little over 7 seconds.

Later in 2019 BMW will roll two new 3-Series plugin hybrids and the higher performance models should hit UK showrooms late 2019/early 2010 Some of the biggest improvements are down to the new platform (5 years in development) with ride comfort, handling and responsiveness take to an all-new level. Throw in the improved interior quality and better levels of standard equipment than ever before and the all-new 3 Series is very attractive options for anyone in the market for a luxury saloon.

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