New Car 67 Plate Registration

Published Date: 28th Jun 2017

UK Car Discount has already taken many orders, specifically for delivery in September on the new 67 registration plate. This time around many manufacturers have refreshed their line with new models or face-lifts ready for the new car rush in September.

Nissan have recently updated the Qashqai that can be factory ordered to your spec or we can check availability with many colours and trim levels available in 4-8 weeks, just call 0161 946 3500 to check.

The Nissan X-trail has also received the update treatment and is due to be launched in August ready for the registration changeover, more details will be released closer to August.

Other models receiving a new look include Britain’s best seller the Ford Fiesta and the new Mazda CX-5. Recently updated models include the Nissan Micra, Volkswagen Golf and BMW 5 series.

67 Plate Discounts

As always we have the very best discount available to customers looking for a new car in September. Save thousands compared to your local dealer on a new Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Volkswagen, Audi, Honda, Seat, BMW, Renault, Peugeot, Skoda or Toyota. Just check our homepage and use the new car search box to choose your car and look at how much you could save.

How to order your new 67 plate car

Ordering is simple, just give the office a call on 0161 946 3500 and we’ll find the car you’re after and give you the on the road price including any preferred options or colour. Alternatively you can register and login to the website and configure your chosen car, then hit the “enquire now” button. Once you’re happy with the price (you definitely will be), we just need a name and address to register the car with and a deposit on a credit or debit card £500 if the car is under £20,000 and £1,000 deposit if the car is over £20,000. We’ll send the order over to the manufacturer and send an order confirmation over to your email address showing the deposit taken from the balance (remember you only pay the rest after delivery). Then you just have to sit back and relax until September comes around.

Do You Have to pay extra for a new 67 plate car?

The short answer is NO. We’re accepting orders right now and once the order is confirmed the price is secured and locked in at the point of order. Another advantage of ordering sooner rather than later is many manufacturers tend to increase prices for the new registration or currency fluctuations. So if you want to secure the price of your new car just give the office a call on 0161 946 3500.

What if my new car arrives early?

If your car arrives earlier than the expected date, then we’ll just contact you to let you know and we can arrange delivery before the new 67 plate if needed or keep it scheduled for September and the new registration.

When in September will my new 67 plate be delivered?

At UK Car Discount we always strive to get your new car delivered as soon as we can. As you can imagine the new registration is always a busy time for new car registrations and the 1st of September falls on a Friday so deliveries will commence from Monday the 4th onwards. With the orders coming in thick and fast we allocate deliveries based on a first come first served basis, so to get the best chance of an early September delivery,  call 0161 946 3500 to order now.

I’ve got my new 67 plate what happens now?

After taking delivery of your new car and having that great, new car feeling (with knowing you saved thousands) we‘ll continue to assist you even after your car has been delivered. We appreciate that the purchase of a new car is a big step and we provide guidance and assistance at every step even after your new car is on the driveway. There is no time limit to this, so even if you purchased a car years ago just pick up the phone and call 0161 946 3500 and we’ll do our very best to help or guide with anything.

I’m ready to order my new 67 plate car now

Use our website to check and confirm the new car you’re looking for then call 0161 946 3500 and we’ll talk you through the rest.