New Audi TT?

Published Date: 28th Oct 2005

A cheap new Audi TT to replace the current model has been on the cards for some time now.

But before you start trawling the web for artists' impressions and concept designs we should tell you that Audi TV is in fact Europe's first brand specific television channel.

Now broadcasting 24 hours a day on Sky Digital channel 259 the new Audi station promises to showcase the company's range of cars while offering entertainment that "extends far beyond the cars themselves".

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As well as the cars, the new Audi TV channel will also feature Audi sponsored sporting events such as the British amateur golf tournament, the Goodwood Festival of Speed and high-goal polo.

"Audi Channel allows us to extend our relationship with current Audi owners - and reach out to a vast and ever-increasing pool of potential new customers," explained the firm's head of marketing, Gary Savage.

"In the multi-channel age, viewers have the power to follow their own special interests, and Audi is the first major brand to seize this amazing opportunity afforded by advances in digital technology."

The broadcast can be received by over 21 million individuals and is the first ever self-promotion broadcast licence ever to be granted by the broadcasting regulator, Ofcom.