More Car Sales for Mazda

Last year Mazda sold over 50,000 cars in the UK, its best-ever sales figures here.  This is a huge increase since, for example, in 2001 they only sold 15,800 Mazda models in the UK.

Mazda had 2 top-sellers in 2006, with the Mazda 6 just beating the Mazda 3, whilst the MX-5 was in third place.

Managing director Rob Lindley explained why 50,000 is such a significant figure. ‘It has a psychological impact on the company and the dealer network.  Whilst we already know that we have exceeded 2 per cent market share, the actual number of sales is especially important to us.   Having a 2 per cent market share puts us in the big league, among the top 10 or 12 carmakers in the UK and separates Mazda from the smaller brands.  Achieving between 45 and 50,000 sales for three successive years gives us more visibility on the road’.

Lindley added that he expects an even better result in 2007 ‘We will build on the success of 2006 with wide availability of the Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe, the launch of the sensational Mazda 3 superhatch and the Mazda BT-50 pickup.   In addition, we will be entering a new sector for Mazda with the Mazda CX-7 crossover SUV that will create a great opportunity for additional sales volume and broadening our brand image’.

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