Latest Scrappage news

Published Date: 7th Aug 2009

Cars sold on the scrappage scheme accounted for over a fifth (21 per cent) of sales in July or 33,026 units,

Ford was the market leader with a 17% share of the UK new car market in the year to July, with 10,953 scrappage orders since the scheme started in May, the highest in the UK.

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Korean car maker Hyundai, had a 2.4%  market share, which is a fraction of Ford's market share, but they have taken 9,823 scrappage orders in the three months the scheme has been in action. Its i10 sold 3,084 units in July alone, making it into the top 10 best sellers for the first time.

Another Korean carmaker Kia, has a UK market share of just 2.1% in the year to date, but has sold 5,978 vehicles on scrappage in the three months as buyers rushed to buy the Picanto.

Suzuki, has a year-to-date market share of just 1.5% and has sold 4,282 cars on scrappage since the start of the scheme.

Fiat/Alfa Romeo/Abarth has a combined market share of 3% in the year to July and has sold 5,419 cars on scrappage since the launch.

The majority of car makers have benefited from scrappage. Even sports carmaker Porsche sold 10 cars between May and July.

Nor surprisingly, given the impact of scrappage, sales of cars in the mini segment more than trebled in July and supermini sales rose by 16% and accounted for more than a third of registrations.

The latest government figures indicate orders for 144,308 cars and light vans are being processed.