Jaguar New Executive SUV

Published Date: 26th Jun 2005

Jaguar looks set to stalk new territories with plans to release a new executive level SUV.

The new Jaguar has been designed to raise the firm's profile and sales in the US where demand for SUVs is stronger than ever; and while it is being pitched against the new BMW X5 and the new Mercedes M-Class, Jag are being careful not to disturb the market for sister company Land Rover.

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Jaguar's relationship with Land Rover means that the new SUV will probably share its four wheel drive mechanics with the new Freelander, and speculation is that the basic platform will be the same as the new Ford Modeo and new Volvo S80.

The SUV, which is yet to have a model name, is not likely to be released until 2009, and will follow a four-wheel drive version of the new Jaguar S-Type.

In the meantime a new Audi A6 Allroader has been confirmed for 2006 after 90,000 Allroader Quattro models were sold since its launch in 2000.