How many new cars are built in the UK every minute?

Published Date: 29th Apr 2016

In the first Quarter of 2016 production of new cars is up 10.3% on the same time last year said the SMMT (Society of motor Manufacturers and Traders). 440,000 cars in total rolled off production lines across the UK.

This figure equates to a new car every 16 seconds or 3.75 cars a minute. Car plant workers are now putting out record levels of productivity, at around twice the UK national average.

Can we expect the same figures for new cars next year?

The industry currently relies heavily on British steel. With the possible exit from the EU coming up, concerns are being raised as to whether this growth will continue next year. The UK manufacturers will be weighing up different options, if the Tata steel plants close here. This will make sure there are no breaks in production.

Car plant welding robots over a chassis

The new investments made in Wales by TVR, Aston Martin and Toyota will only see the demand for steel rise. We can expect to see those production values soar in the future when they start to roll the new models off the production line.

SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes said "UK car plants were at their busiest for 12 years in March, with a vehicle rolling off production lines every 16 seconds thanks to heightened international demand for British-built cars.

"Much will depend on economic and political conditions in key markets but, with several brand new global models starting production here in the first quarter alone, the prospects for future growth look bright."