Ford to make room for the new Ka plus

Published Date: 23rd Aug 2016

Ford have been looking to at their best selling Fiesta and has decide to cut the style and studio variants from the line-up to make room in its own range for the new Ka+.

The base price of the fiesta before the cut was £10,345 very close to the Ka+ Zetec model @£9,995. But now the Fiesta will only be available in the Zetec and above trim, starting at £13,395. This is all part of the careful strategy to clear space for the Ka+ and not disrupt the sales of its own, similar models.

The New Ka+

New Ka+ Blue

The change is needed as the Ka+ sits upon the same underpinnings as the Fiesta delivering almost the same driving experience and will come with a wide range of features just for the Zetec model.

The standard equipment on the Ka+ Zetec includes manual air-con, Ford’s SYNC infotainment system and a range of options including 15-inch alloy wheels, a leather steering wheel with cruise control, folding side mirrors, DAB radio, climate control, electric rear windows and heated seats.

The Current Ford Fiesta


A Ford spokesperson said "With the Ka+ coming in soon, we want to position the Fiesta further up in the market so as not to cannibalise our own sales. Most of all, though, it's because Studio and Style models only make up three per cent of Fiesta sales." Most buyers choose Fiesta Zetec or Titanium models in the UK.

With the style and studio only making up around 3% percent of total fiesta sales it’s unlikely to affect the best-selling car in the UK too much. So far this year the Fiesta has managed 71,823 units sold, with 7,990 being sold in July alone way ahead of its nearest rival the Vauxhall Corsa with 5,606 vehicles sold in July.