Ford Praised By Enviromentalists

Published Date: 21st Apr 2006

Ford is being praised by environmentalists for its drive to push biofuels as an alternative source of energy.

Its Bio-Ethanol for Sustainable Transport (BEST) project, with pilot plants in Ireland and the UK is just one example of Ford's drive to produce greener cars.

However, as Auto Spectator reports, governments need to be as keen as car manufacturers on environmental issues if energy efficient cars are to take off.

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Sweden has been cited as an example of good cooperation between local and national governments.

Owners there of environmentally-friendly vehicles are given tax breaks, free parking and reduced car insurance.

As a consequence 80 per cent of Ford Focuses sold in Sweden are fuel efficient models.

Andy Taylor, director of corporate citizenship at Ford Europe, commented: "One of the unique things that Sweden has done, is they are mandating that 60 per cent of all large fuelling stations have an alternative fuel pump by 2009.

"So they are forcing an infrastructure into the marketplace."

UK Car Discount predicts strong performances of the Ford Focus in 2006 as well as other models in the Ford range.