Ford Mondeo Sale

The Ford Mondeo continues to be a best seller in the new car market with customers cashing in on the huge discounts available on this superb family Car.

In 2012 we are expecting lots of orders for the popular family car and given the huge discounts available on the All New Ford Mondeo it is no surprise it is a consistent performer.

The seventh generation 2013 Ford Mondeo is also well on its way with its recent appearance at the Detroit motor show with the promise of new models, engines and some fantastic gadgets which are more at home at the expensive premium end of the new car market rather than a mid range family car.

Some of the new Technology available on the next generation Mondeo includes: 

Automatic self-parking system which identifies a suitable parallel parking space and steers the car into the gap while the driver operates only the accelerator and brake pedals.

A lane monitoring system which scans the road ahead using cameras and alerting the driver through applying vibration and pressure on the steering wheel if a driver starts to drift over the white lines into the adjoining lane.

Blind-spot sensors provide an audible and visual alert of vehicles unseen by the driver, such as when backing out of a parking space with an obscured view.

Adaptive cruise control scans the road and automatically applies the brakes if it senses a jam or slow moving traffic up ahead, issuing a collision warning and a quick pump of the brakes if a crash looks imminent.

Stop-start technology cuts off the engine when the car is at traffic lights, to save fuel and emissions, restarting the engine when you are ready to drive away. 

Voice-activated communication through a driver’s hands-free mobile phone allowing the driver to keep their hands on the wheel while changing CD or MP3 tracks on the stereo.

A choice of voice-activated, touch-screen, conventional knob or button commands will the car to change comfort settings such as the temperature control on the air conditioning system.

The next generation Mondeo is about 15 inches longer, 4 inches wider and 2 inches higher than its predecessor but regardless of the size difference it will be significantly more fuel efficient and greener.

The Mondeo is a great car with good discounts and as all our new car offers on Ford Mondeo beat the What Car Magazine target price and the vehicles offered on autotrader by thousands you need look no further for some of the cheapest prices on Ford Mondeo anywhere in the uk. 

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