VW Kombi Camper Van To Bow Out

The VW Kombi van often referred to as the VW Camper Van is about bow out!

The Kombi has been in production since 1957 and VW claim it is the longest production life of any vehicle.

Production in Brazil will see 600 of the commemorative final edition VW Kombi Camper Van go on sale with some exclusive design features. The Kombi features a two-tone white and blue body with matching blue upper grille and headlights surround, a unique numbered identification plaque on the dashboard and a premium interior finish. 

There will also be stacks of features that stay true to the traditions of the VW Camper Van that has a loyal fan base. Design features like whitewall tyres, white centre wheel caps and tinted rear windows deliver a nostalgic touch and at the side of the vehicle special decals identifying the final edition with ‘Kombi Last edition’.

Inside the Kombi can seat up to nine people and features eye-catching blue curtains with fasteners featuring the Kombi badge, a retro feature that pays homage to the models back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The two-tone blue white seats features a premium vinyl material and Atlanta Blue sides. The same Atlanta Blue upholstery covers the side, door and cargo panels with special decorative stitching detail.

The instrument cluster features a speedometer that stays true to the traditions of the Kombi combined with a touch of modern tech, the MP3 sound system which features red LED lights and AUX /USB support.

The Kombi gets an EA111 1.4-litre 4 speed manual engine, which outputs 78 PS when used with petrol or 80 PS when used with ethanol (both at 4.800 rpm).

Every owner of a brand new Kombi Final Edition will receive a unique certificate of authenticity. 

The less nostalgic amongst you who are looking for a camper van may want to consider the brand new VW California SE or Beach models or the clever new VW Caddy Maxi Camper.