Ferrari Profits Rocket

Published Date: 26th Feb 2014

Formula 1 racing firm and italian super-car maker Ferrari has reported record breaking profits for 2013 and managed this selling less cars than in 2012.


ferrari maranello factory interior

The Italian Company racked up profits of £217m, which is an increase of 5.4% on 2012. This was achieved although the number of cars delivered to dealerships fell by 5% to 6,922. Ferrari explained that they are now going to decrease the amount of cars sold to keep the ferrari brand luxury and this will also increase each cars value.

Ferrari said they had the newly designed products, such as the LaFerrari, 458 Speciale and California T to thank for their record turnover of 2.3bn euros. They went on to say that the UK had overtaken Germany as its strongest market in Europe. Sales in Italy had slumped again to just 205 orders, Ferrari said it was a marginal market for luxury cars, representing only 3% of global sales.

The US is still Ferrari’s biggest market, with more than 2,000 cars sold last year – this is an increase of around 10% on the previous year.