Exclusive Merc S-class shots

The New Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet is covered in heavy camouflage - the new soft top will have the same engines, styling and tech as the coupe version.

The new S-Class may be hiding beneath a deceptive full body wrap but a change in the camouflage’s fit and tone reveals a retractable cloth roof very similar to the one found on the E-Class Cabriolet. We’ve known for a while that Mercedes was planning an S-Class Cabriolet, and these latest images prove that the luxury soft-top is just around the corner.

The early shots of the four-door indicate that the layout hasn’t been carried over though, as the new Cabriolet is instead based around its Coupe sibling, looking like it has an identical front end despite the new cars camo disguise. The only obvious difference we can make out at this stage is a slightly less sloping to the car’s roofline, a structural and engineering caused by removing the fixed roof.

It is not just the styling that the latest addition of the S-Class family is likely to be given, as the engines and car technology will also be passed down. Fronting the Cabriolet range will be the new S500, featuring the 449bhp 4.7-litre bi-turbo V8, and this should be joined by Iconic AMG-tuned S63 and S65 models.

The Ocean Drive concept – which first hinted at the possibility of a convertible S-Class when it debuted 8 years ago, at the Detroit Motor Show – Mercedes have opted for a soft top design in a bid to shave off a little weight and increase space.

The Mercedes Coupe won’t be hitting UK showrooms until this September on the new 64 plate, and expect the see the S-Class Cabriolet over here in 2015, with prices set to start from £110,000.