Comparison Car Insurance Is Best In August

Published Date: 20th Aug 2019

According to MoneySuperMarket and analysis of 1.7 million car insurance quotes in 2018/2019, July and August are the best months to take out car insurance with the average quote coming in at just under £500. January proves to be the most expensive month with an average car insurance quote coming in at just under £550.Car Insurance Comparison

Car Insurance for Younger People

The good news for younger drivers is that insurance premiums have shown a drop overall. Car insurance for new drivers and young people has been notoriously expensive in recent years.

The youngest age bracket of 17-19 year olds has shown a healthy drop, with average insurance quotes dropping 12 percent, coming in at just over £993 on average (expect black box requirements with most of these). Quotes for 20-24 year olds have also seen a drop of 5 percent with the average quote coming in a £939.

Car Insurance DocumentThe trend for cheaper car insurance has continued in 2019 with MoneySuperMarket saying that the average fully comprehensive car insurance quote in 2019 to date is around £470, the trends indicate that on average car insurance is at its lowest level since 2015.

Car Insurance for Men and Women

Both men and women have benefited from cheaper car insurance in 2018 and 2019. Female car owners have seen an average quote of £423 (a drop of 4 percent), whilst men see car insurance quotes drop by 5 percent to an average of £516.

Best and Worst Locations for Car Insurance

The London area remains one of the most expensive areas for car insurance with an average quote of almost £670, East London is the most expensive area in the UK with an average insurance quote coming in at £935.

Some of the more remote parts of the UK remain amongst the cheapest for car insurance, the Outer Hebrides has an average insurance quote of little over £300. Kirkwall in the Orkneys has had a steady reduction in the cost of insurance in 2019 with an average quote of £317.62, whilst Scotland as a whole has an average insurance quote of just over £360.

Other areas including Durham, Norwich, Galashiels, Paisley, Darlington and Lincoln have all seen a drop of 2-3% in the average cost of insurance premiums.

You can get an insurance comparison quote on MoneySuperMarket here.