Car Scrappage Proves Unpopular

Published Date: 11th May 2009

New surveys have revealed that the Governments Car Scrappage Scheme is not all it’s made out to be and motorists have not been fooled.

Parkers car price guide set up an online questionnaire targeting 600 people. The survey results found that 70% of respondents said the scheme was not generous enough and overall 81% said they would not be taking advantage of it.

Kieren Puffet, the editor of Parkers  Guide has said that many motorists were still finding much larger discounts under existing deals, rather than taking the £2,000 Car Scrappage discount in return for a car of at least 10 years old. The government scheme will come into effect from 18th May and £1,000 is paid by the government with the remaining £1,000 paid by the manufacturer.

The car industry has lobbied the government to put some pressure on to match the scheme in Germany, where the government pay the full £2,000 and includes cars up to 1 year old.

Although it seems unlikely that this will happen, the general consensus from the car industry is that it would create a lot more interest and movement in what is a struggling industry.

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