Car insurance premiums falling

Published Date: 21st Apr 2006

Average car insurance fell between August 2005 and January 2006, according to the latest statistics from Sainsbury's Bank.

People under the age of 25 continue to have the most expensive premiums spending around £1,048 each, though this figure is down £43 from previous values.

Meanwhile those over the age 66 saw premiums drop by nearly 4.5 per cent, to around £327 per person.

Richard Clark, car insurance manager at Sainsbury's, said: "Competition in the car insurance marketplace is strong so it pays to shop around for cover.

"However, despite this, we estimate that as many as 19 per cent of motorists only obtain one quote when they purchase car insurance.

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"Indeed, we know that 48 per cent simply renew their existing policy."

Regionally, Londoners paid the most for their premiums at £559.31 per person, while those in East Anglia paid the least at £326.15.