Car insurance firm warns of drug-drive problem

Published Date: 7th Jun 2006

A leading car insurance firm has warned of the problem of drug-driving in a report released today.

Furthermore, around forty per cent of respondents claimed that their driving was not affected by the use of drugs.

Mike Holliday-Williams, director of More Than car insurance, commented: "Drug driving presents a serious risk not only to those who choose to do it, but also to other motorists on the road.

"For this reason it is vitally important that highly effective measures are put in place as quickly as possible to crack down on offenders."

Mr Holliday-Williams further commented that measures such as "roadside screenings" should be introduced "without delay" by the government to ensure safer roads.

The warnings come as the government road safety organisation THINK! launches its summer campaign targeting young men about the dangers of drink driving.

Adverts highlighting the danger of driving while under the influence of alcohol will be broadcast on TV and radio over the next few weeks.

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