Car-Buying Trends Cross The Gender Gap

Published Date: 6th Jun 2006

Men and women differ with respect to how they buy new cars, according to research.

However, women were more likely to be motivated by dedicated promotions in terms of their car choice, such as newspaper advertisements.

Paul Seabrook, a spokesman for CCB's automotive division, told website "As information is increasingly available to consumers - when, where and how they want it - it is vital for manufacturers and dealers to measure the effectiveness of their advertising by keeping track of how car buyers reach their decisions.

"Some use the internet to research brands and marques which interest them in the early stages of buying - comparing models and finding deals. But, despite this, offline media is not being replaced by online in the car-buying process."

Many online retailers are now fully comprehensive in terms of the deals they offer to their customers and are able to compete with local dealerships with respect to the products they provide.

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